Tonight’s WWE NXT opener saw Johnny Gargano defeat Ridge Holland to earn the fourth spot in the Ladder Match for the vacant NXT North American Title at Saturday’s “Takeover: XXX” event.

As noted after last week’s NXT TV tapings, the Holland vs. Gargano match featured a “scary moment” after Gargano was dropped on his head. The match was reportedly stopped as NXT bosses Triple H and Shawn Michaels came out with others to check on Gargano. It was also noted that Gargano reportedly apologized to everyone for delaying the tapings. There was some speculation on if WWE would edit the spot out of tonight’s match, but they didn’t.

The spot was edited some but they did show Holland dropping Gargano on his head, which you can see in the video below. NXT returned from a commercial break with Gargano down and the referee checking on him. Mauro screamed out “oh my God!” as Holland rolled away from Gargano. They then aired the replay of what happened. Gargano eventually recovered and the referee checked on him while Candice LeRae encouraged him from ringside. Gargano ended up using the distraction to lure Holland in and drop him with a superkick.

Gargano would go on to win the match with One Final Bear. He is now official for the 5-man Ladder Match for the vacant NXT North American Title at Takeover with Bronson Reed, Damian Priest, and Cameron Grimes.

Below are a few shots from tonight’s opener: