Former WWE stars Karl Anderson and Dax Hardwood took to Twitter to discuss the RAW 25 Segment between Gallows, Anderson, and Finn Balor (with The Kliq) vs. The Revival.

It started after someone shared a clip from the night and Impact star Karl Anderson replied, “One of the biggest missed opportunities in pro wrestling history.”

AEW star Dax Hardwood chimed in about how all the “friends” got to beat The Revival up.

Dax’s full tweet was the following, “All the friends got to beat us up! Hit all the signature moves! Me and Cash left in gorilla while everyone else high fives! I punched a brick wall. Building to the future, babe!”

Anderson then hinted soon he will be sharing the names of five certain people that he hated in WWE.

“Killed you guys without even building us. f–k man, I have so much hatred for 5 certain people. I’m gonna name them soon. Hope ur well babe,” wrote Karl Anderson.

Anderson also tweeted, “‘Friends’ If they all knew how much they all truly hated each other, I wonder how that would go……”

Since their departures, both Karl Anderson and Dax Hardwood have spoken candidly about their time in WWE.

Below is their full exchange: