Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock is apparently interested in returning to the company to help with the new RAW Underground concept.

The MMA Legend took to Twitter before last night’s RAW episode and offered to help WWE and Shane McMahon with the new “worked shoot-style fighting” concept.

“Hey @WWE and @shanemcmahon next time you guys want to do some worked shoots on #RawUnderground and actually make them look good, you got my number, give me a call!,” he wrote.

A fan responded with some criticism in a now-deleted tweet, but Shamrock clarified that he’s not looking to actually participate in the fights, just provide some guidance.

“I said if you want to make it look real which I know how to do, I never said participate,” Shamrock wrote.

Another fan commented and said Shamrock has nothing better to do.

“Why would I do anything else I LOVE FIGHTING,” he responded.

Shamrock recently made a return to Impact Wrestling and was inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame this past February. He indicated that he is not currently signed to an exclusive contract with the promotion. One fan responded and said Impact would have to release him before he could work with WWE again.

“Not true,” Shamrock responded.

Another fan criticized The World’s Most Dangerous Man in another now-deleted tweet. Shamrock fired back and said he can still kick ass when needed.

“First off I am in better shape & can kick some ass when need be. Be very careful on judging someone for there age & it looks like you are the last person to judge me lazy ass puke,” Shamrock wrote.

The UFC Hall of Famer continued firing back at fans who tried to come for him. One fan asked if he was done “selling dick flips,” a reference to feuding with Joey Ryan in Impact.

Shamrock wrote back, “Tell you what sit down and I will keep making lots of money and you can stay on the couch & watch everyone else”

Shamrock has not appeared for WWE since late 1999. There’s no word on if WWE would be interested in bringing Shamrock in to help book the RAW Underground segments. You can see Shamrock’s related tweets below: