WWE superstar Lana took to her Instagram to promote the global brand, Fashion Nova in a series of pool-side photos.

The “Ravishing Russian” writes, “California how’s your Summer?” before tagging the company in her personal bio.

Prior to returning to social media as an influencer, Lana was giving fans an update on her parents who both tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. She recently revealed that both were on a path to recovery, but specifies that we all need to take as many precautions as possible to avoid spreading the virus.

“My dad is doing better,” said Lana. “He’s on abput day 15 right now. He couldn’t get out of bed at all for a week. Last week, he couldn’t get out of bed, like, he’s not asthmatic like my mother is. My mom is very asthmatic and that’s why it affected her lungs – my dad couldn’t get out of bed, he was so weak.

“He thought he just had simple pollen allergies. Next thing you know, he gets bedridden. Just be really, really careful guys. My dad is doing better today. Yesterday was the first day that he started to feel better. Thank you guys for your prayers and your positive energy.”

Lana’s husband and former WWE superstar Rusev also tested positive, which he revealed on one of his video game streams on Twitch.

“I’m absolutely positive for COVID-19,” Rusev said. “I’m absolutely, one-hundred percent, super, mega, incredibly positive. Yes, I got a phone call from the doctor.”

Check out Lana’s post below.

She posted some other poolside photos recently as well, which you can check out below:

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