Lana Says She & Rusev Had Sex On The WrestleMania 31 Tank

Lana took to Instagram this afternoon and claimed she had sex with husband Rusev on the tank he used in his WrestleMania 31 entrance for the WWE United States title loss to John Cena.

The WWE RAW Superstar made a post this afternoon, showing the two in the Black Sea, and commented on two rare locations they've had sex at.


She wrote, "We just had sex in the Black Sea @tobemiro ! And on the tank at Wrestlemania!!! [sunglasses emoji]"

It's interesting to note that Ryan Satin tweeted in November 2019 that Rusev "apparently tried" to have sex with Lana in the tank. Rusev responded and seemed to confirm that they did.

He responded with, "Tried !?"

Rusev and Lana are currently on vacation in Lozenets, Bulgaria. Rusev thanked his brother for the vacation and tagged his Instagram post from the Hotel Oasis del Sol, which is on the Black Sea.

You can view the tank entrance in the WWE Playlist episode on Rusev seen above. Below is video from Rusev's WWE Photo Shoot episode where he talked about the entrance being the best ever, along with the new Instagram posts from the happy couple and the November 2019 tweet: