Pro wrestling veteran Lance Storm has called for an end to intergender matches.

Storm noted on Twitter that intergender wrestling matches need to stop due to the recent “#SpeakingOut” movement on social media, which saw male and female workers in the business speak out about alleged abuse they have endured.

“I see some discussion on inter gender wrestling matches again. In light of #SpeakingOut I think these matches have to stop. I’ve heard from so many women who were uncomfortable doing these but felt obligated to to get booked because these matches were accepted ‘norms’,” Storm wrote this morning.

He made a follow-up tweet about how a wrestler may face heat from canceling an intergender match.

“For every inter gender match that happens in a top company with professional conduct there are dozens of women who agree to be booked in a Women’s on a multi show loop that gets there and finds out the other woman didn’t show up (maybe was never booked) and now she has to Agree to do intergender matches and be the only women on the tour or lose all the booking and risk heat from canceling. There is then pressure to share a room because everyone else is doubling up. THIS HAPPENS,” he wrote.

Storm continued the discussion with several fans on Twitter. ROH women’s division star Session Moth Martina also weighed in.

“I think we should be allowed the choice to have an intergender match if we want to. Hopefully in a safe environment where no woman or man will feel uncomfortable in that situation again,” she wrote.

Storm responded, “Explain to me how to make that happen at the Indy level, and I’m with you.”

You can see their full tweets below, along with several more related comments from Storm to fans:

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