Former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis took to Twitter on Monday night and called the company out.

WWE had a lot of social media buzz going into Monday’s RAW due to the announcement on the new stable, and rumors on a new “concept” that ended up being RAW Underground. Kanellis tweeted before the show hit the air and alleged that WWE really doesn’t want to build new stars, they just want to pop the ratings for a few weeks to keep investors and their TV partners satisfied.

“WWE doesnt want to build new stars, they want to spike the ratings for a couple weeks to keep the investors/networks happy,” Maria tweeted. “What WWE doesn’t seem to get, is ratings improve when people care about the story/stars. Invest in talent, spend the time building stars, stop the laziness.”

One fan commented and said Maria must feel stupid because WWE spent the whole first hour of RAW building up new stars and nothing else.

Maria responded, “Hahahaha… one night is not building stars. One night pops the ratings. One night uses talented individuals as cannon fodder. Talk to me about the same people in a year and I will eat my words. Key word, people not person.”

Several fans suggested she join the WWE creative team if she really wants to make a difference. One fan asked if she’s so mad, why doesn’t she apply for a creative team job? Maria said she did try to get a job as a WWE creative writer.

“I tried to because I thought it would be better while pregnant but they wanted to keep me as talent. Maybe someday if the right opportunity came along. It could work,” she responded.

Another fan pointed out how WWE is currently hiring for a lead writer. She gave some praise to the current WWE writing team, but said they aren’t the opportunities they need to show what they can do.

“Hahaha… no. They have fantastic writers there but they are not given anyway to showcase what they can do,” she wrote. “Great scripts are torn up moments before the show. #mariathewriter #givemethepen”

Kanellis and her husband Mike Kanellis (Mike Bennett) were released from WWE back in mid-April due to the negative impact of COVID-19. They had signed multi-year deals not long before that.

You can see Maria’s related tweets below, along with a few more replies:

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