AEW star Matt Hardy is evidently unimpressed by WWE’s efforts to spice things up on Monday Night Raw. Soon after the debut of Raw Underground last night, Hardy took a dig at WWE’s creative team.

Hardy tweeted that he is excited to watch “the Fight Club spoof” on Being The Elite, the YouTube show that features The Young Bucks and other members of the AEW roster.

Raw Underground, hosted by Shane McMahon, was presented as a blood sport or shoot wrestling competition in which unknown wrestlers make their mark outside the typical WWE setting. McMahon introduced RAW Underground as a place where “there are very little rules, lots of excitement, carnage and chaos, and lots of other things that I personally like to see.”

Meanwhile, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer made a sensational revelation on Twitter, noting that he had previously fought Shane McMahon in a real fight in a warehouse.

“I have fought @shanemcmahon many times in a warehouse, for real. First rule was (to) never talk about Fight Club. So WHY is this trending? You (WWE) literally broke the only rule,” tweeted Dreamer, who presently works for Impact Wrestling.

You can view Hardy and Dreamer’s tweets below:

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