During today’s episode of WWE’s The Bump, Matt Riddle joined the show to talk about his current run on Smackdown. Riddle also discussed how WrestleMania 30 was the night he decided he was going to get into the wrestling business after he was let go by the UFC. Riddle said he got the WWE Network because it was $9.99 and was excited to see a different style of professional wrestling he hadn’t seen before.

“Before WrestleMania [30] I was already on the fence,” Riddle said. “I always wanted to do professional wrestling – sports entertainment – but I just didn’t see my opportunity. The [WWE] network being $9.99, I watched WrestleMania and I don’t know, that moment that night I just remember being in my house and just watching it and seeing Daniel Bryan win, seeing Brock Lesnar – another MMA fighter – beat the Undertaker’s streak and just seeing where I think sports entertainment was transitioning too.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ve also wanted to do it my way. This was the time to throw my influence of mixed martial arts and amateur wrestling into sports entertainment. I felt like with a little bit of charisma and good technique educated fans could also appreciate sports entertainment not just for entertainment, but real sports. I saw it that night and here we are.”

Riddle also talked about the transition to Smackdown from NXT and how excited he was for his debut. He noted that he “kicked down the door” of the house that AJ Styles built on his first day.

“It’s been pretty good, started pretty hot,” Riddle said. “What can I say? I started my Smackdown debut wrestling AJ Styles, this is the house AJ built and I went in there and kicked down the door day one bro. The transition to Smackdown has been pretty sweet, it’s been pretty cool.”

Riddle debuted by defeating AJ Styles on his first night in a non-title match. Two weeks later, Riddle lost to AJ in a title match. Riddle questioned the official and said he dominated the champ for the entirety of the match.

“It’s sweet, that was AJ Styles, I just beat him on my first night on the job,” Riddle said. “Its still kind of surreal, I really wish it was for the title. I feel like that would’ve been crazy because I lost that match a couple weeks later, but I still beat him the first time and when he beat me the second time I was kind of dominating. I think the ref, no disrespect, I think he counted a little quick.”

Riddle is currently in a feud with Baron Corbin that escalated when Shorty G joined the King’s side on last Friday’s SmackDown. He talked about his current issues with Corbin while also describing what the definition of a stallion is.

“I don’t think we’re the best of friends,” Riddle said. “He put that ransom on my head, he’s not a stallion. I’m not going to discredit him but at the end of the day he’s just not a stallion. I don’t want to discredit him too much just in case he beats me one day. I don’t think it’ll happen but just in case. I think if he got his act together he could be a stallion, but right now he’s making too many mistakes.

“Chad Gable is on his way, he’s on the cusp of not being a stallion anymore. He’s got to get it together. People think you can be once a stallion always a stallion thats not how it works bro, you can lose stallion status. I check in on Pete [Dunne] all the time and I’ll tell you this, his status? Still a stallion, if anything its increased in stallionship. Chad Gable on his way out, Corbin not even close.”

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