Mickie James returned to competition last week after being out for over a year due to injury. It was her first match of 2020, and came 15 years after making her WWE debut in the role of an obsessed fan of Trish Stratus.

The James-Stratus storyline is one of the most popular in women’s wrestling history, and the two of them reunited at the Women’s Royal Rumble in 2018. When they met in the ring, they received a massive pop, and James recalled that reunion when she joined Ring The Belle.

“You hope for those moments. You hope that people and the fans are going to remember, and that they’re going to give you that same respect because you see it happen, and you see it happen for the guys all the time, and it’s so great. I still get chill bumps on reactions like that,” said James. “But then, for it to come to happen for us, I think, it was like, ‘Whoa! That was cool.’ It was like, ‘Yeah, we did our part.'”

When James returned to the ring last week on RAW, she suffered a loss to Natalya via countout in what many would consider a lackluster comeback match. She discussed the reaction to that match and what she truly felt about it.

“They broke the internet for all the wrong reasons. Nattie is badass. I felt like we’re gonna have a great match, we’re gonna kick butt. I felt like there’s some genuine magic to be made there and to tell a really great story. It’s just unfortunate that nobody saw it,” stated James. “You know, it’s bullsh**. I’m hot about it, but I am grateful to be back. It’s just unfortunate.”

At 40 years old, James is the second-oldest WWE women’s wrestler behind Tamina. That combined with her lengthy layoff due to injury has many wondering if she still has anything left in the ring. James was asked what she wants to achieve in her current run.

“I hope to remind [everyone] of who I am and why my name is Mickie James, and why I am the baddest b*tch in the game,” said James. “No, but seriously, I hope to remind them why I feel like I am the measuring stick.”