This week’s WWE RAW episode ended with Randy Orton taking out WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair with a low blow and a punt kick.

The attack on The Nature Boy came after Orton’s singles win over Kevin Owens, while Flair was at ringside. Orton cut a post-match promo where he blamed Flair for getting him in the match because of his ego and last week’s backstage segment with Owens. Orton went on to insult Flair and make things personal, bringing up his health problems. This led to Flair getting emotional. Orton looked to turn things around as he embraced Flair, but that was just a set up for the low blow from behind.

Orton then backed up and delivered the punt to Flair’s head. RETRIBUTION’s technical difficulties with the lights inside the WWE Performance Center prevented fans from seeing the actual kick to Flair’s head, but the lights came back up as soon as Orton finished the spot. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre then ran down to check on Flair, and RAW went off the air with Orton staring his SummerSlam opponent down from the stage.

As seen above, WWE released post-RAW footage of Flair being loaded onto a stretcher and taken out of the arena after to receive medical attention.

Below is video from the punt, along with more shots from the RAW closing angle: