WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair took to Twitter this afternoon and issued comments on last night’s RAW main event segment with Randy Orton.

As noted, The Legend Killer took The Nature Boy out with a low blow and a punt kick after Orton’s win over Kevin Owens. Orton blamed Flair for getting him into the match, and then delivered a heel promo where he insulted Flair, bringing up his health issues and making things personal. Flair got emotional in his response. Orton hugged Flair and looked to apologize, but then turned on Flair with a low blow. He then delivered the punt kick. The entire kick to Flair’s head was not visible due to the technical issues with the lighting, brought on by RETRIBUTION.

During Orton’s promo he claimed Flair took him under his wing years ago because Flair hoped Orton could be the son he wished he had. Flair responded and went on about how he just wants Orton’s approval, and just wants to be around Orton and his success at this late stage in his own career. Flair ended his promo by saying he’s not trying to take anything from Orton, he’s just Charlotte Flair’s dad who wants to be a part of Orton’s life. Flair addressed his comments in a tweet this afternoon.

“I Wanted Last Night To Go Differently,” Flair wrote. “What I Would Have Said Is I Don’t Know What Would’ve Happened If My Son Was In This Business. But I Do Know What Charlotte Has Done, And Like You Randy, She Is Much Better Than I Ever Was, Just Like You Have Surpassed Your Father. That’s it.”

It’s believed that last night’s angle was done to write Flair out of the WWE storylines for the time being, but that has not been confirmed.

You can see Flair’s full tweet below, along with post-show footage of Flair being stretchered out of the ring area in the WWE Performance Center: