Roman Reigns Captures The WWE Universal Title In The Payback Main Event (Photos, Videos)

Roman Reigns is your new WWE Universal Champion.

The No Holds Barred Triple Threat main event of tonight's WWE Payback pay-per-view saw Reigns capture the title by defeating Braun Strowman and former champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

The finish was somewhat controversial as Reigns did not work most of the match. The match began after Strowman attacked The Fiend during his entrance. They continued working the match for several minutes with The Fiend controlling most of the action. The ring ended up imploding after The Fiend took Strowman up for a superplex.

While The Fiend and Strowman were down, Reigns' music hit and out he came with his new manager, Paul Heyman. Heyman was carrying the Payback main event match contract, which Reigns never signed on Friday's go-home SmackDown. Reigns, carrying a steel chair, signed the contract and left it with Heyman as he marched to the ring. Reigns immediately tried to pin The Fiend but there was no referee as Charles Robinson took a hard bump to the floor when the ring collapsed. A new referee ran down but The Fiend kicked out. Reigns tried to pin both competitors, but ended up taking a Mandible Claw from The Fiend. Reigns knocked him away with a low blow and they both ended up on the floor. Reigns ran back in the ring as Strowman stumbled to his feet, and delivered a Spear to get the pin for the title. Payback went off the air with Reigns and Heyman celebrating on the stage, while The Fiend and Strowman were laid out at ringside.

Reigns is now a two-time Universal Champion. The Fiend just won the title last Sunday at WWE SummerSlam, by defeating Strowman. That was the same show that saw Reigns make his return to WWE and attack both competitors after the title change, his first appearance since March.

Stay tuned for updates on the SmackDown main event scene. It's been reported that Reigns, with Heyman as his manager, is set to be booked as the top heel on the blue brand, while The Fiend is used as the top babyface, and Strowman is also booked as a heel.

Below are several shots of tonight's title change from the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida: