During a recent stream, former WWE Superstar Miro, f.k.a. Rusev, was asked to discuss the story of how he ended up with a black eye before his wedding to fellow WWE Superstar, Lana. Miro explained that he was working Cesaro during an overseas tour and that the two would always experiment with different moves in the ring.

“We’re in some overseas tour and me and Claudio are working, and ya know let’s go to the ring and shoot in the beginning,” Miro explained. “This is what me and Tony do, we shoot in the beginning, we blow ourselves up, and then start working just so it can be fun for us.”

Miro said that during this match he had Cesaro give him a frankensteiner, which he had never taken before. After the spot, Miro explained the next idea Cesaro had for something they could try in the match.

“He wants to do a stepover on my shoulder victory roll and again we’re just talking in there while fighting,” Miro said. “So he comes in and he steps on, I’m on one knee, so he steps one foot down with the second one I think he’s supposed to step on top of my foot and then he can come up, so when he steps up here with the other foot that is going in. Well his knee gets me right in my eye. So, it’s a step, knee into my eye, right onto a victory roll and we kept going. I felt it right away, as soon as he went up we went for the victory roll, 1, 2, big kick and I just knew it right away.”

Miro said that he believes that it was the very next day he was supposed get on a plane to fly to Bulgaria to have his wedding ceremony with Lana. He said that Lana was ringside with him during the match.

“I sit up and look at CJ (Lana), first of all he’s pinning me and I’m like ‘Why Tony?, Why?’ and he was like what are you talking about,” Rusev said. “So, I just big kick out and look at CJ and am like look what he did to my eye and she’s like oh my cause it just swelled up instantly.”

Miro said that even though they were still working for the crowd, he could tell how upset Lana truly was.

“She was just giving Claudio the biggest stink eye,” Miro recalled. “I kick out and sit up and say look what he did to my eye. We’re still working but she’s like, ‘oh my god!’. There was not work there. She was just super upset because a week from now we gotta go take pictures and she does not want me to have a black eye during it.”

Miro and Lana had their wedding celebration in Bulgaria in September of 2016. He seems to look back at the whole situation as a funny story he can now tell people.

“Now I’ll always remember Claudio on my wedding because in Bulgaria all my pictures have a black eye,” Miro said. “There I am, nice suit, my long hair and there’s my black eye, no big deal.”