Sammy Guevara Gets Heat For Matt Hardy Chair Spot On AEW Dynamite, Reportedly Used The Wrong Chair

As noted, Matt Hardy needed 13 stitches to close a wound after being busted open by Sammy Guevara during Wednesday's taped AEW Dynamite episode on TNT.

While the steel chair spot was planned, Guevara busted Hardy open because he accidentally used the wrong chair.

Guevara reportedly grabbed the wrong chair sitting at ringside, according to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live. There were apparently two chairs at ringside, and one was traditional folding chair. The idea was that Guevara would grab that chair and throw it at Hardy, but Hardy would get his arms up to take the impact. The spot was supposed to be a chair shot, but with no blood.

However, Guevara reportedly got caught up "in the heat of the moment" and was very excited. He was unable to find the folding chair, so he picked up the other, heavier chair. Alvarez noted that Guevara panicked and threw the chair at Hardy, busting him open the hardway.

Guevara reportedly had backstage heat over the incident as there were a number of people in the company who were upset, according to Wrestling Observer Radio. It was noted that Guevara received a "very stern talking-to" when he returned backstage.

As seen below, Hardy has had several choice words for Guevara on Twitter today. He also thanked Dr. Sampson and the AEW medical team for fixing him up. Matt's wife Reby Hardy also lashed out on Twitter, and posted a video of Matt's stitches being removed.

You can see Matt's related tweets below, including a response to Tommy Dreamer and several fans:

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Who can name everything wrong with this video ? ???? Removing @matthardybrand's stitches ????

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