The latest WWE The Day Of: The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules features interviews with different WWE Superstars, including WWE RAW Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks. In the video above, Banks talked about being one of the first into the WWE Performance Center and how it’s now become a place where the main roster shows regularly for TV tapings during the pandemic.

“Well, it’s been home,” Banks said about the PC. “Like Bayley said, we built the first rings here. I swept the floor! Before there was anything even in here. I was the first person in here. I built it. Legit. With a screwdriver! We made this happen. To go into the locker room and see my old locker that has my name on it, and I’m like, ‘What the hell? This is kind of really crazy.’ This is a place I used to come in every single day, hoping to make it to the main roster. Now the main roster is every single week, and it just became home again.”

For months WWE has held its shows inside the PC due to the pandemic ? initially without any fans (currently, NXT and PC talent are ringside). Banks spoke about how it’s been to not have the WWE Universe reacting to her promos and matches.

“I miss ? for instance if a beach ball is thrown into the crowd, then taken away from them, how are you going to get back?” Banks asked. “What are you going to do? We don’t have that anymore. Or what if they don’t like the way something is going, you can change their minds, I love that. You feed off their energy, and I really, really miss that, but I have been learning so much more since they’ve been gone, as well.

“I’m ready for them to kind of come back. Well, I’m ready for the world to get a little bit better to figure out what they want to do for it to be amazing and open for everyone’s safety. Until then, I’m gonna keep on entertaining and you’re gonna keep on watching at home. I hope you enjoy it.

“But maybe it’s during these crazy times, it’s on such a different grande scheme of things of how I look at this as a whole, since we don’t have an audience. Maybe that’s why I’m not as so, ‘Oh my God, what are they going to think?’ Because their opinion is really online, and the thing is I don’t have to read that, and I don’t read it. Really, my opinion is my opinion of what I think this match is going to be and what it means to me.”

WWE The Day Of: The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules is available now on the WWE Network.

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