Scott Steiner Reveals Plans For New Business After Closing Shoney's Restaurant Due To COVID-19

Wrestling legend Scott Steiner has plans for a new restaurant after losing his Shoney's franchise to the negative impact of COVID-19.

It was revealed over the weekend that the Shoney's Kitchen & Bar franchise in Acworth, Georgia is closing down to the coronavirus pandemic. Steiner and his wife opened the restaurant back in 2016.

"We have closed this business due to Covid-19. We appreciate your patronage over the past 4 years," the restaurant posted on their official Facebook page.

The Shoney's had been open until this past weekend when they abruptly announced that they were closing, another victim of the pandemic.

A fan on Twitter commented on how they were sad about the closing, and Big Poppa Pump responded to reveal that he's opening a sports bar.

"we are opening a Sports Bar instead," Steiner wrote.

There's no word yet on where Steiner's sports bar will be located, or when it will open, but we will keep you updated.

Below are the original posts from the Shoney's franchise owned by Steiner, along with his recent tweet and a few videos of the former World Heavyweight Champion at the Shoney's. You can see another official video from the chain above.