Shotzi Blackheart got some good news about her stolen car while at Full Sail University for Wednesday’s WWE NXT TV tapings.

As noted, Blackheart revealed yesterday morning that her 2015 Honda Civic had been stolen overnight from outside of her apartment. Her wrestling gear bag was inside the car, with her signature helmet and everything else.

Blackheart posted a YouTube video earlier today, seen above, where she revealed that local police had recovered her car. There was some minor damage to the front of the vehicle, but it looks like all of her belongings were still there.

Blackheart got the news while she was preparing to wrestle at last night’s TV tapings. She had NXT Superstar Jake Atlas drive her to where police found the car. While she was glad to have the car back, Blackheart was more worried about her helmet, which she uses for her entrances.

The helmet was still there and Blackheart told the police officer that it’s very sentimental to her because it was hanging on the wall of the wrestling school she first trained at. Her trainers eventually let her have the helmet once she started having matches, and she’s taken it all over the world with her while she’s furthered her career.

There’s no word yet on if police know who stole the car.

For those who missed it, below are the original tweets from Wednesday: