WWE Smackdown superstar Sonya Deville, who has a background in MMA, is hoping for a future showdown against Shayna Baszler on RAW Underground, the new shoot-style fight club segment hosted by Shane McMahon.

“I know I’ll end up over there [on RAW Underground]. It’ll probably end up being me versus Shayna one of these days, and I’d happily give her a little TKO action,” Sonya told SportsKeeda.

Sonya, who is currently embroiled in a heated feud with Mandy Rose, said that she has her eye on winning championship gold in the WWE.

“Listen, I’ll face anybody any time, but I’m going after championship gold,” Sonya declared. “So, if I have time in my very, very busy and productive schedule to squeeze Shayna in, sure.”

Although the segment airs during the third hour of RAW’s broadcast on Mondays, it has already featured NXT stars Arturo Ruas and Emily Andzulis, and could potentially include SmackDown stars in the future. As noted before, we have already seen several developmental talent and independent wrestlers on RAW Underground, many of whom are not officially on the RAW roster.

Furthermore, the upcoming WWE Draft, reportedly expected to be held in October, could also shake up the rosters and send Sonya to RAW.

In the coming weeks, the segment is expected to feature more female competitors such as Baszler and Andzulis. Stay tuned for the latest on RAW Underground.

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