WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon has revealed that Becky Lynch, who made history by becoming the first woman to headline a WrestleMania, received a ton of backlash from her peers for using “The Man” nickname.

According to Stephanie, a number of women in the locker room were against the idea of Becky branding herself as the top star in the wrestling business.

“[The Man] really was her idea. It’s funny because some women were very against it like, ‘Why do you have to call yourself the man? Why can’t you be The Woman,'” she told Digital Spy in a recent interview.

Stephanie explained Becky’s thought process behind “The Man” gimmick and why she stuck to her guns despite facing criticism.

“But she just didn’t take it, you know, too literally. The whole point was to turn that nomenclature on its ear, right, because everyone says, ‘oh the biggest, the most successful person in the room is The Man. Well, why can’t The Man be a woman?”

In May, Becky stepped away from the WWE after announcing her pregnancy. She is expecting her first child with fiancé Seth Rollins.

Stephanie went onto call Becky as one of the biggest stars in WWE history.

“Becky Lynch is certainly one of the biggest stars in WWE history and her legacy is cemented and I really hope to see her back,” she said.

Meanwhile, Stephanie revealed that WWE is looking to hire female writers to its creative team.

“We do not have enough female writers in the writers room, we are actively working on that. There is a dedicated focus to how we tell our women’s storylines in the show, but we can always be better.”