The Miz announced today he and his wife, Maryse, are creating another new show. Their production company, MadRoe Porductions, are working with WWE Studios on the new project

“What is this for?” Miz wrote about his teaser video and photo. “@marysemizanin and I have a new show in development. Our production company, MadRoe Productions, has partnered with WWE Studios, putting our creative minds together to bring you something fresh and new. Networks and streaming services better be ready for that sizzle.”

No other details were given on what the show will be about. The duo are currently in their second season of Miz & Mrs. on the USA Network, while Miz is also co-hosting the water-competition show, Cannonball.

Speaking of Cannonball, NBC is airing a special “Thrills, Spills and a Cat Daddy” episode tonight at 6 pm ET. A network cut of “swimming with Sock” will also air on NBC on August 23.