Triple H Confirms Upcoming WWE Draft, Teases That Stars May Be Drafted From The Main Roster To NXT

As seen in the video above, Triple H confirmed in his NXT TakeOver: XXX Media Call on Wednesday that a WWE Draft will be held later this year. Triple H also teased a major change in the draft format, hinting at the possibility of RAW and SmackDown stars moving to NXT in the annual shake-up of the rosters.


During the call, which was joined by Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman and Justin LaBar, Triple H was asked about his shift in mindset with regard to NXT stars moving up to the main roster, especially after the Black & Gold brand moved to USA Network on Wednesday nights.

"That mindset has definitely changed. There are different protocols and procedures now around moving an NXT wrestler to the main roster, and you'll see that in the upcoming draft later this year. You definitely have to think about the changes a lot more now.

"Now, wrestlers have the opportunity to wrap up their runs on RAW or SmackDown and move to a completely different brand with a different style in NXT. Maybe refresh, get a fresh coat of paint, or try something different. You can start over with a different character, and [moving to NXT] definitely gives them the ability to do that," Triple H said.


Furthermore, Triple H said that with all three shows, RAW, SmackDown, and NXT having their own prime time TV slots, it is more critical to balance all three rosters rather than just taking talent away from NXT.

"With all three shows having their own prime time TV slots, all three brands are very important and you can't just take away from one to support the other," Triple H said. "You have to support all of them."

The likes of Finn Balor, Charlotte Flair, Tyler Breeze, and Fandango have previously moved back to NXT after runs on the main roster. Earlier this year, there were rumors of Randy Orton possibly moving to NXT to start a feud with Tommaso Ciampa. As reported earlier, Triple H addressed the possibility of Orton joining NXT.

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