“The Game” Triple H recently took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with Metro.co.uk about the upcoming return of in-ring action on NXT UK.

During the discussion, Hunter gave praise to BT Sport Studio for allowing them to be NXT UK’s permanent home during these unprecedented times. He says that they are working towards bringing in fans so the NXT UK experience can become what it once was.

“That is the intent and the hope. BT has been ? I can’t say it enough ? an amazing partner. When you look at that studio, it’s perfect for what we do, but they are perfect for what we do” Triple H explained. “They have been a leader in changing the game in sport across all of Europe and, really, globally. They have once of the most technologically advanced studios in the world. It’s an amazing facility. The intent is for us to be able to in there long term to be able to create this content. And I think if later down the line, we get to a place where fans can come in, obviously we’d be thrilled and excited.”

Triple H says that in the wake of the “#SpeakingOut movement, he hopes that NXT UK can be a place where professionalism and safety reign supreme. He emphasized that whenever there are suspicions about someone behaving inappropriately, they investigate and approach it with a zero tolerance policy

“Part of this is why we started [NXT UK] in the first place was to professionalize and put that system into place where everyone can feel safe and protected, and have a working environment that is inclusive of everyone and the opportunity to do what we do,” Hunter said. “We take every allegation very seriously, and you can refer back to our policy. It’s zero tolerance for things of this manner.

“We look into everything. We look into it, we go from there to see what is legitimate, what is not, what is real, what isn’t, and deal with it accordingly. While a lot of these things happened years ago, we take them very seriously. We also have an open policy with everybody. No one should ever feel like, ‘I didn’t wanna say anything.’ That’s the exact opposite of what we want. We’re trying to make this the safe, inclusive environment for everybody that it should be.'”

With everything set in motion, Triple H is chomping at the bit to get the stars competing in the ring again. He believes that this re-introduction into the world of UK wrestling will be bigger than how they have ever done things before.

“We’ve done the best we can with it in unfortunate circumstances,” Triple H noted. “To, now, sort of dig in, but also to get fans to come in and reintroduce them to everybody, reintroduce them to the brand, what it stands for, how it works, what you can expect from it. While there are a lot of fans that are very used to the product and love it, we’re going to reintroduce this to everybody and built it out in a bigger way than we have done before.”