WWE 205 Live Recap (8/14): Ariya Daivari Battles Jake Atlas, Ever-Rise Takes On Legaldo Del Fantasma

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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and Drew Gulak welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the WWE Performance Center. The NXT cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar leads out Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde (Legaldo Del Fantasma) for our opening tag contest. They'll be taking on...Ever-Rise.

Legaldo Del Fantasma versus Ever-Rise

Mendoza begins with Martel. Tie-up. Mendoza grabs a wristlock...Martel reverses the pressure and brings Mendoza to his knees. Mendoza breaks free and lands a kick to Martel's midsection. Pace picks up...Mendoza chops Martel but Martel fires back with a reverse elbow. Parker tags in. He goes back after the arm...Wilde blindly tags in from the apronand hits a DDT on Parker to give Legaldo Del Fantasma the advantage. Wilde yanks at Parker's ear before smashing his head into the turnbuckle. Snapmare and knee to the back from Wilde. He switches to an armbar. Martel tries to rally Parker to make a tag...Wilde stops any momentum with another elbow. Mendoza tags back in...tandem offense from Legaldo Del Fantasma for a nearfall. Mendoza clubs Parker in the back, then applies a modified cobra-clutch. Powerslam attempt...Parker counters and is able to bring in Martel. Martel comes in hot by drop kicking Wilde. Big back body drop to Wilde, then a lariat from Martel takes Mendoza to the outside. Double team by Ever-Rise...Mendoza breaks up the pinfall. Legaldo Del Fantasma connects with their enziguri/Russian leg-sweep combination for the victory.


Legaldo Del Fantasma wins by pinfall

Footage of last week's showdown between Danny Burch and Tony Nese is played, where Ariya Daivari made his return to 205 Live to attack Oney Lorcan. He'll be coming up in action next.

Commercial for WWE shop, followed by a preview for Takeover XXX.

Main event time. Ariya Daivari is out first. This will be his first matchup on 205 Live since March (thanks Vic Joseph). He'll be taking on Jake Atlas. Here we go.

Ariya Daivari versus Jake Atlas

Tie-up. Atlas with the early control...Daivari pushes him to the ropes to force a break. Both men reset. Second tie-up. Atlas brings Daivari to the mat with a headlock takedown. Atlas repeats the spot after Daivari gets back to his feet. Huge shoulder block from Atlas...Daivari pulls at Atlas' hair and traps him in the corner but Atlas quickly recovers and brings him to the mat again. Daivair hits the first strike of the bout with a knee to the gut...Atlas shows off his incredible athleticism by cartwheeling away from a lariat...another headlock takedown. Daivari is visibly frustrated. Big right hand from Daivari to Atlas' lower back. He dumps Atlas to the apron, then rocks him with a knee to the face. Daivari follows up with a running dropkick that sends Atlas to ringside. Daivari in quick pursuit...he whips Atlas into the barricade. Over to the announce table...Daivari smashes his head right in front of Gulak and Joseph. Back in the ring...Daivari softens up Atlas' arm. He drops a leg on it for a two count. Atlas tries to build up some momentum but Daivari cuts him off to retake control. Daivari taunts Atlast...this wakes him up...running forearm from Atlas. Uppercut and charging shoulder from Atlas. He sends Daivari flying with a German suplex, then nearly steals the match with an enziguri. Another combination from Atlas has Daivari in trouble. He climbs to the top...Daivari shoves him off but Atlas lands on the apron and springboards into a blockbuster. Daivari slides to the outside...suicide dive from Atlas connects. Back in the ring...Atlas charges...Daivari side-steps him and Atlas hits the turnbuckle hard. Daivari takes off the turnbuckle pad...referee catches him...Atlas school-boys him...only two. Daivari thumbs Atlas in the eye, then catches Atlas with the hammerlock-lariat...it's over.


Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall

Daivari shouts that he's officially back. Atlas looks distraught on the outside.

That's the show friends.