WWE 205 Live Recap (8/21): Drake Maverick Battle Tehuti Miles, Jake Atlas Main Events With Tony Nese

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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and former NXT cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak welcome us to another edition of 205 Live, the very first episode inside the new Thunderdome. Drake Maverick makes his way to the ring for tonight's opening matchup. He'll be taking on Tehuti Miles.

Drake Maverick versus Tehuti Miles

Miles takes his time getting into the ring. Tie-up...Miles grabs a waistlock and whips Maverick to the mat. Miles plays to the Thunderdome crowd, which upsets Maverick. Referee has so separate Maverick away from Miles...Maverick initially steps away, then rocks Miles with a running dropkick. Maverick keeps the onslaught on until Miles gains control and sends Maverick into the ringpost from the apron. Early cover from Miles...only two. Miles slows the action down with a chinlock. Maverick goes for a backslide... he gets him but Miles powers out. Nice sequence of chain wrestling that includes a number of pinfalls...Miles hits a standing lariat to slow the pace once again. Maverick unloads right hands...he comes off the ropes with a leg lariat. A second. Running corner elbow, bulldog, and senton in succession from Maverick. Maverick climbs to the top....flying elbow connects. Maverick hits the underdog and gets the win.

Drake Maverick wins by pinfall

Commercial for WWE shop, followed by an advertisement for Takeover XXX.

Main event time. Jake Atlas makes his way to the ring...followed by Tony Nese. Here we go.

Jake Atlas versus Tony Nese

Tie-up. Both men struggle to gain position...they break free and reset. On second tie-up Nese grabs a wristlock but Atlast counters and grabs a headlock. Headlock takeover from Atlas. Nese gets to his feet and lands a chop. He pops over Atlas....pace quickens...they each go for a shoulder block and collide hard. Atlas hitss a nice arm-drag using the ropes as leverage. He follows up with a flush dropkick for a one-count. Cravat applied by Atlas...he has Nese all thrown off his game...Nese finally responds with some offense...back suplex. Nese unloads a series of rights onto Atlas, then connects with a running elbow for a nearfall. Nese tries a suplex but Atlas hits a knee to break free. He goes for a sunset-flip...Nese lands on his feet and kills Atlas with a knee strike. Somehow Atlas kicks out. Nese brings him to the corner and slaps Atlas across the chest. Irish-whip from Nese...Atlas bounces right back with a stiff elbow to the face. Running forearms by Atlas, followed by a springboard blockbuster. Atlas shakes off the damage and sets up Atlas for his signature springboard moonsault. Atlas JUST sneaks a shoulder out on the cover. Nese shows his frustration..back and forth striking...Nese wins the exchange with a running forearm but Atlas dumps him over the top, then hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring...Atlas climbs for his finisher...Nese goes to the apron...he jabs Atlas in the throat...Atlas recovers and rolls Nese up...got em!

Jake Atlas wins by pinfall

As soon as the bell rings Nese attacks Atlas and lays him out with the Running Nese. Gulak on commentary claims that this is how the 205 originals welcome the newcomers. Nese goes to the table and yells at Joseph and Gulak, stating that this brand is garbage without him. As Atlas lay on the mat...Nese leaves calling him a rookie and a punk.

That's the show friends.