Week 4 of WWE’s RAW Underground featured a shorter amount of TV time for the new “worked shoot-style” fighting concept.

The first segment featured The Hurt Business (MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley) meeting host Shane McMahon and his security guard at the entrance to RAW Underground. Lashley was looking to fight anyone due to his earlier loss in the Arm Wrestling Contest to WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews.

Lashley later entered RAW Underground and choked out an enhancement talent. Dolph Ziggler hit the ring to fight Lashley and they brawled until Lashley launched him from the ring, face-first into a wall on the outside. MVP and Benjamin also joined in by attacking a few enhancement talents. The announcers noted that Ziggler was set to face Ivar of The Viking Raiders later on, a fight that had been advertised since last week.

RAW Underground later returned to Lashley getting the best of Cedric Alexander until MVP called on him to stop. Ivar ended up taking out Lashley, which brought MVP and Benjamin back into the mix. Erik made the save and the two teams brawled until The Hurt Business got the upperhand, with Lashley forcing Ivar to tap out. The Hurt Business stood tall on the platform with Shane signing off for the night, until next week.

Ivar vs. Ziggler never happened the way it was advertised.

Former EVOLVE talent Liam Gray is the enhancement talent who fought Lashley before Ziggler.

Stay tuned for updates on RAW Underground and Week 5 action planned for next week. Above and below are several shots from this week’s segments: