WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg Takes Shot At Roman Reigns: "You Are A Joke"

During the closing moments of his recent appearance on Have a Beer with Obie, Goldberg abruptly called out Roman Reigns even though the interviewer never mentioned The Big Dog.

"Roman, you are a joke, first of all. Second of all, when he ragged on me about headbutting the doors and stuff, I never really explained my whole thought process on that.

"For you guys to get the character that you got, I had to do certain things. One of them is to headbutt the door," Goldberg said in the interview.

Goldberg, known for his intensity and power-packed wrestling style, mentioned that losing "a little bit of blood" was a price he was willing to pay to tap into his on-screen character.

"From the outside, [headbutting a door] may look like a stupid move. However, I always weighed the positives with the negatives. While the positive is making my character look as violent and real as humanly possible, the negative is losing a little blood and cutting a week off my life," he explained.

When told by the interviewer that a true athlete would never "say a damn thing" about losing blood on the field of play, Goldberg took a shot at Reigns' alma mater, Georgia Tech University.

"That is the difference between Georgia and Georgia Tech," said Goldberg, who was a defensive tackle for the Georgia Bulldogs football program.

Earlier this year, Reigns took a dig on Twitter at Goldberg's patented pre-match ritual of headbutting doors before leaving the locker room. Reigns, who punches the ground during his entrance, explained why the entrance ramp has a protective padding. "It's a little piece of pad so I don't break my hand on steel grate. I have to perform like 48 weeks a year, so that would be stupid. It would be like headbutting a door before my match level of stupid," Reigns tweeted in response to a fan.

Goldberg and Reigns were slated to headline WrestleMania earlier this year before the latter pulled out of the event due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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