Top Japanese women’s wrestler Sareee is reportedly set to return to the ring in Japan soon, despite being signed by WWE.

Sareee signed with WWE back in February and was scheduled to move to the United States to begin training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando in March, but the move was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tokyo Sports reported this week that Sareee has not wrestled since signing with WWE, and she reportedly told WWE officials that she wanted to have a match and get back in action.

WWE has reportedly given Sareee permission to continue wrestling in Japan while she waits to start with the company here in the United States. She apparently stated that she is able to work for any promotion and take on any opponent, but it’s likely that she is unable to work with any top promotion such as New Japan.

The 24 year old Sareee last worked for the Diana promotion until signing with WWE. Stay tuned for updates on her status.

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