WWE SummerSlam: Dominik Mysterio Vs. Seth Rollins (Street Fight)

Street Fight: Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

It's time for Dominik Mysterio's WWE debut. Seth Rollins is out first with Murphy. Dominik is out next with Rey Mysterio to be in his corner. We also saw his mother send him on his way.

Rollins controls early on and toys with Dominik some. Dominik gets some strikes in but Rollins shuts him down. Dominik counters a big move with some lucha libre action and ends up kipping up, taunting Rollins to bring it. Rey cheers his son on. Rollins beats Dominik down now. Rollins tells Murphy to hand him a kendo stick from under the ring. Dominik dropkicks Rollins and he drops the stick.

Dominik chases Rollins around the ring with the stick, swinging at him. Rollins runs back in and beats Dominik as he follows. Rollins whips Dominik hard into the turnbuckles and he goes down, and again. Rollins with a big suplex. Rollins grounds Dominik now and faces Rey, taunting him. Rollins breaks and asks Rey if he wants to get involved.

Dominik gets up and fights back but Rollins nails a Slingblade. We see Rey's mother watching backstage, looking concerned. Murphy slides a steel chair in. Rollins beats on Dominik some more. Dominik told his father to stay off the apron. Rollins taunts Rey some more. Dominik avoids a Stomp and sends Rollins into the chair face-first. Dominik mounts Rollins in the corner with lefts and rights. Rollins goes for a Buckle Bomb but gets sent into the turnbuckles himself.

They tangle some more and Dominik counters with a big DDT but can't get the win. Rey yells at Dominik to take his time. Dominik unloads with kendo stick shots now, wailing away while Rollins is down. Dominik goes to the top but Rollins crotches him. Rollins ends up turning it into a big superplex and a Falcon Arrow but Dominik kicks out at 2. Rollins can't believe it.

Rollins with more kendo stick shots while Dominik is down. Rollins tells Murphy to slide a table into the ring and he does. Rollins and Rey have more words. Rollins stands the table up and delivers another kendo stick shot. Rollins takes Dominik up in the corner and nails another kendo shot to the back. Rollins climbs for a back suplex into the table but he wastes some time taunting Rey. Dominik counters up top and they both go crashing back through the table on the mat.

Dominik climbs to the top as Rey cheers him. Dominik nails the Frogsplash but Rollins kicks out just in time. Dominik rolls to the floor for a breather. They tangle and Rollins nails a superkick. Rollins with a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Rollins taunts Rey while keeping Dominik down some more. Rollins finally gets handcuff from Murphy as some boos pick up.

Rollins taunts Rey. Rey's wife Angie comes walking down the ramp but Rey meets her and talks to her. Dominik rolls Rollins from behind for a 2 count. Murphy ends up in the ring and he levels Dominik with a big knee. Murphy brings Dominik to the floor and tries to damage his eye with the ring steps but Rey makes the save. Rollins beats Rey down at ringside. Rollins launches Dominik into the barrier. Rey gets double teamed again now. They handcuff Rey to the middle rope now, leaving him dangling to the floor. Rollins and Murphy pick up kendo sticks but Rollins turns and sees Rey's wife there. He slowly walks to her but Dominik makes the save from behind.

Dominik unloads on both heels at ringside. Dominik with a 619 of sorts to the floor. He brings Rollins back in and hits a second 619. Dominik goes to the top for the Frogsplash but Rollins gets his knees up. Rollins drags Dominik away from Rey, who is now in the ring but cuffed still. Rollins mounts Dominik's back and taunts him with Rey. Rollins breaks, gets up and nails a big Stomp in the middle of the ring while Rey reaches for his son. Rollins covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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