NXT Superstar Adam Cole recently spoke with Justin LaBar about visiting children across the country that suffer from critical illnesses. WWE has always had a strong relationship with organizations like ‘Make-A-Wish’, and John Cena has personally granted more wishes than any other celebrity. Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic has limited the ability to meet with children.

Despite the current restrictions, Cole was recently able to conduct a virtual meeting with some of the young patients. When asked if there is any question that kids will always ask, Cole said that many still ask about John Cena.

“I’m always shocked if the first question they don’t ask is, ‘Do you know John Cena?’ That’s normally No. 1,” Cole explained. “I don’t blame them; that’s a guaranteed go-to. Once they realize who we are and where we work, it’s, ‘Oh, do you know John Cena!?’

Cole, a wrestling fan from a young age, was asked if he was able to meet any wrestlers when he was younger. Cole said one of his memorable interactions was when he was able to meet Kurt Angle.

“The first wrestler I ever met was Kurt Angle,” Cole said. “I had begged my mom to take me to a book signing. It was like two and a half hours away. I think it was near Pittsburgh, actually. We waited for like an hour and a half, and I remember going up to meet Kurt Angle. My mom tells me to this day that I just didn’t say anything, because I don’t remember it at all. I guess I was so nervous. I had my hands in front of me, and he stuck his hand out to shake my hand, and I just kept staring at him and smiling at him. She had to push my arm forward to shake his hand. He had the biggest smile on his face. I remember him being so nice.”

The positive experience meeting Kurt Angle made him one of Cole’s favorite wrestlers growing up. Cole said that he always tries his best to be kind during his interactions when meeting fans. He says the impact that his meeting with Angle had on him is what he hopes he can have on young fans when he meets them.

“This is something sometimes wrestlers might lose sight of,” Cole explained. “But for me, because I met Kurt Angle and he was nice to me, and shook my hand, and took the time to smile and laugh, and at least act like he was excited to meet me, Kurt Angle was one my favorite wrestlers from that point forward just because of that very small interaction. To me, I always try. I know everyone is not perfect, but I always try to be as friendly and accessible as possible when meeting fans, because they remember it. I’ll never ever forget meeting Kurt Angle and him being just an absolute gentleman.”