AEW All Out Results: Jon Moxley Vs. MJF, Mimosa Mayhem Match, Women's Championship Match

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- Dasha Gonzalez and Tony Schiavone welcome us in and run down tonight's card.

- MJF sends a message to Moxley, calls him a goon and he won't let the match get outside of the ring where Moxley can excel. MJF says Moxley had one kill shot, the paradigm shift, but he doesn't have that tonight. Tonight he's going to out wrestle Moxley, and bad things happen when people get between him and his goals.

- Preview of tonight's Casino Battle Royale. We hear from some of tonight's participants: Christopher Daniels, Santana, Ortiz, Lance Archer / Jake Roberts, Frankie Kazarian, and Darby Allin.

- Hype vignette for tonight's Mimosa Mayhem Match between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy.


- Hype video for the AEW World Tag Team Championship between Hangman Page & Kenny Omega and FTR.

- More from tonight's Battle Royale participants: Eddie Kingston talks his group (Fenix, Pentagon, The Blade, and The Butcher) paying their dues and earning a World Title shot via tonight's Casino Battle Royale. Tully Blanchard with Shawn Spears, Blanchard says intelligence is what it takes to win a Batttle Royale. Jake Hager says he's winning because he's Jake Hager. Also, he's undefeated in MMA and has a "smoking hot wife." Taz hypes up Brian Cage and Ricky Starks winning the match. Best Friends up next, Chuck Taylor says he's going to throw everyone over the top rope, Trent gives a look, Taylor says " of us will win."

- AEW World Champion Jon Moxley says he loves the feeling of have a big match against the number one guy trying to take him out. Moxley says he climbed the mountain for the title, and some spoiled punk ass like MJF will never understand the sacrifices he made. Moxley says when it comes down to it tonight, MJF isn't the bad guy, he is.


- Excalibur and Tony Schiavone at commentary for tonight's first match.

Joey Janela with Sonny Kiss vs. Serpentico with Luther

Janela runs to the ring and swings away on Serpentico. He tosses his opponent out to the floor, tosses him into the barricade, then lands a back body drop. Luther tries for the distraction, no luck, Janela pops Serpentico. Kiss makes his way to ringside and gets decked by Luther. Janela looks over and he climbs up to the top rope, Serpentico tosses him off and down to the floor.

Back in the ring, flapjack by Serpentico, cover, one-count. Janela sent face first into the second turnbuckle, he's dropped again, cover, one. Janela tossed out to the floor, Luther beats him up a bit as the referee gets distracted. Janela tossed back in the ring, quick cover, two. Serpentico lands a suplex, heads to the top rope, decides to just drop down and stomp on Janela. Joey is right up though and goes on the offensive for a moment. He's knocked down, Serpentico with a slingshot double stomp, cover, another one-count.


Serpentico goes up top, tries for a senton, knees up! Janela with a death valley driver, thrust kick, blue thunder bomb, cover, two. Janela tries for a moonsault, nobody home. Serpentico with a thrust kick, low DDT, cover, two. Serpentico to the top, Janela throws a shot, another forearm and Janela heads up. Janela with a fisherman's buster from the second rope, two. Janela gets tripped up by Luther. Kiss with a big forearm to Luther. Janela hits Luther with a basement dropkick. Serpentico lands a few shots on his opponent, but eats a lariat. Janela up top, elbow drop, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Joey Janela via Pinfall

Dark Order (3 and 4 aka John Silver and Alex Reynolds) vs. Private Party

Kassidy and Silver get things going as they trade a few moves. Double dropkicks by Private Party on both opponents, Silver and Reynolds out to the floor for a moment. Atomic drop / back elbow combo on Silver. Reynolds runs in, gets dropped, rolls back out to the floor. Silver with a big chop on Quen, Reynolds tags in, but eats a hurricanrana. Kassidy tags in, up top, and down with a double ax handle. Flapjack / bulldog combo by Private Party on Silver, cover, two.


Dark Order gets some momentum, gets Quen off the apron. Kassidy is isolated, despite trying to tag out. Silver with a kicks to the chest, Silver with a slap to the face, another kick to the chest, cover, two. Reynolds tags in and continues to work over Kassidy. Quen finally gets tagged in and goes to work on both opponents. Atomic drop and a dropkick on Silver. He knocks Reynolds out to the floor. Quen with a big moonsault on Silver, cover, Reynolds breaks it up. Kassidy in and they battle a bit. Private Party tries for silly string, gets broken up by Silver, with a big dropkick to the back of Quen's head, Silver with a twisting blue thunder bomb, cover, two! Great sequence right there.

Both Private Party members put on the top rope, Dark Order shoved to the mat. Quen eats some knees, Quen rolls through, but takes a bunch of big moves, german suplex with the bridge, cover, two! Kassidy with a kick to the head on Reynolds, Quen hits one on Silver. Silver put on the second rope, tries to fight his way off, but Private Party hit gin and juice for the win.


Winners: Private Party via Pinfall

- Jim Ross joins Tony and Excalibur as the main card gets going. Commentary runs down tonight's card.

Britt Baker and Big Swole (Tooth and Nail Match)

Big Swole shows up with a referee to Baker's office. A masked Reba working at the entrance. She yells for Baker and gets smacked in the head with a clipboard, and then kicked away. Swole walks into a room and sees some blood on the ground. Swole looks around for her as Baker walks by in another room, looking all evil. Swole finds a bunch of chattering teeth. Baker sneaks up from behind and smacks Swole with a framed diploma. Baker takes her face mask and hits her with it. Baker tries to drill Swole's teeth and takes a metal plate to the head. Reba tries to squirt Baker with some water and gets whacked away. Swole chases Baker to the back, Baker yells for Reba and tries to drive away in her cart. Swole beats the hell out of Baker, puts her in her wheelchair and drives her into the wall. Reba tries to help out as the two fight in the back of the bed of the cart. Baker climbs to the top, Swole tries to follow, eats a kick to the face.


Reba helps out with some punches. Baker with a DDT on the roof of the cart, they try to put Swole in the dumpster nearby. Swole fights her way out of that. Back in the dentist office, Swole throws Baker's face into the coutner, "I just got that fixed!" Swole rolls a chair into Baker's midsection, looks for a brainbuster, but Baker counters with a swinging neckbreaker, cover, two-count. The two battle down the hallway and to another room. Swole with a headbutt and a kick, cover, two-count.

"Near fall on a dentist floor...I've never said that before," Jim Ross jokes. Baker brings out a power drill, misses and drills into the chair. Baker yells for Reba and asks for something to knock Swole out. Baker goes to jab Swole and the needle ends up in Baker's leg. Swole grabs another framed diploma, rolling forearm through it into Reba's face. Swole then hits one on the back of Baker's face, Baker can't move her one leg. Swole then puts a mask on Baker and she goes to sleep, referee calls the match!


Winner: Big Swole via Referee Stoppage

Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus with Marko Stunt)

Stunt is wearing a boot cast and is using one crutch. Matt and JB start the match, each trade a flurry of attacks, both try leg sweeps into pins. JB goes to shake hands, Nick slaps it away. Matt tags in and slaps at JB's head. JB with some shots, in comes Luchasaurus, big boots for everyone. Nick getting thrown around for a bit, finally able to use his agility to get the tag. Nick able to sneak in a kick on Luchasaurus, Matt with a dropkick, then brings his brother in for stereo dropkicks.

Luchasaurus powerbombs Nick down on Matt. JB in, Matt mistakenly helps JB with a hurricanrana on Nick out on the ramp. Looks like his back may have hit the corner of the stage, looks to be okay though. Matt hits three northern lights suplexes in the ring, they spill out to the floor, he hits another, then a release suplex, sending JB out to the concrete floor. JB gets back in at the nine count. Nick working over JB's neck. Young Bucks rolling right now, JB needs a tag. JB nearly gets tagged out, but Nick kicks Luchasaurus off the apron to stop the transfer. Nick then jokes about taking the hot tag. Referee distracted, Stunt yanks Nick off the apron. JB lands a big lariat on Matt.


JB rolls under Matt to tag in his partner. Luchasaurus with a double clothelines, but Young Bucks are able to cut him down at the legs. Luchasaurus then does The Undertaker sit-up. He does a kip-up, kick to Nick, chokeslam to Matt, flips Nick down on Matt, standing moonsault, cover, Nick breaks it up. Young Bucks end up on the outside, Luchsaurus with a moonsault off the apron on both guys. Nick hits a slingshot destroyer on Luchasaurus in the ring. Matt goes over to bark at Stunt for what he did earlier. Matt kicks out the crutch and superkicks him in the face. Stunt's last words were: "Lucha!..."

JB in trouble now, Matt tags in, JB draped off the second rope, Nick with a senton down on JB from the top rope, cover, two! BTE trigger, misses, JB gets Nick to kick Matt. Meltzer driver, Luchasaurus chokeslams Nick off the ropes. Poisonrana on Matt, extention level hit on Matt, cover, Nick has to break it up. Luchasauru goes for a big dive and takes out a bunch of AEW talent over the barricade at ringside. In the ring, JB leaps off and eats a midair superkick. Nick tagged in, double super kicks, cover, nope! BTE trigger lands, cover, and that will do it.


Winners: Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Taz joins commentary for the upcoming match.

21-Man Casino Battle Royale (Winner receives a future AEW World Championship Match)

Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade, Rey Fenix start the match.

Daniels getting beat up by Hager as Blade and Fenix go after Trent. Daniels able to toss Blade into Hager, gets some shots on him. Fenix with a dangerous leap off the top rope for an arm drag. Daniels tries leaping off the second rope and gets planted to the mat, and then takes another slam. Trent nearly tossed out.

Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana, and Ortiz enter the match.

Taylor gets hit with a baton by Santana, they hit a double suplex out on the floor on Taylor. Trent with a suicide dive out on Santana and Ortiz. Hobbs gets rid of Blade. Hager ditches Daniels to the outside. Santana and Ortiz still beating up Best Friends. Hager swinging on everyone.

Billy, Penta El Cero, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, and Darby Allin enter the match.

Cage immediately tosses Billy. Allin in the ring, blocks Cage's punch with a skateboard, smacks Starks with it, then hits a big move on him. Fenix gets sent out by Allin. Soul food / half and half by Best Friends and they manage to get in a hug. Taylor is then sent out by Santana and Ortiz.


Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss, and Lance Archer enter the match.

Spears checks out the ring and ends up heading over to commentary. Spears see everyone else are just like sheep, running to the ring. Archer leaps into the ring and takes a bunch of guys out. Roberts coming to the ring with a bag. Kiss eliminates Hager! Cage then tosses Kiss out. Spears is handed a metal piece to put in his glove. Spears has yet to get in the ring. Santana charges at Trent, he drops down and out goes Santana. Ortiz on the apron, Trent smacks him. Archer then lifts and throws trent at Ortiz, he ducks, but get punched to the floor.

Matt Sydal is last to enter the match.

Sydal comes out and gives a knee strike to spear on the stage. Sydal goes for a shooting star pres off the top rope and totally botches it. Slipped and fell hard to the mat on his hip. Looks to be okay as Kazarian goes over and fights with him a bit. Kazarian eliminated as is Penta El Cero. Fireworks are going off now from a nearby baseball stadium, lol. Allin gets rid of Starks. Cage beats up on Allin, Starks pulls Allin under the bottom rope and throws him into the ring post. Starks grabs a body bag from under the ring. Cage then puts thumbtacks in the body bag and puts Allin inside! Cage then powerbombs Allin down on the stage, eliminating him. Cage and Spears beat up Sydal, but ends up getting eliminated. Left in the match: Cage, Archer, Hobbs, Sydal, Butcher, and Kingston.


Archer and Cage trade some shots. Hobbs ends up on the apron. He brings Cage to the apron, Archer with a double dropkick, sending both guys to the floor. Down to the final four. Butcher with a diving crossbody on Archer. Sydal eliminates Butcher. Sydal with an assisted DDT on Kingston. Archer hits black out on Sydal. He's then moves to the apron, kick to Archer, Kingston knocks him out. Archer tries for a big boot, Kingston brings him to the apron. Butcher trying to help Kingston. Roberts holding the snake near Kingston. Kingston then bites Archer's ear and throws some punches. Roberts with the snake distraction, Archer chokeslams Kingston off the apron and down on his guys.

Winner: Lance Archer earns future AEW World Championship Match

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (Broken Rules Match)

Out near the Jaguars stadium, things get started. Hardy is looking for Guevara, who slowly creeps up on him in a cart. Guevara guns it, but misses, driving through a bunch of boxes. This match is basically a Last Man Standing Match with Hardy having to leave AEW if he loses. Hardy DDT Guevara on a picnic table! Hardy and Guevara go up on a lift near a table. Both men go through the table as Guevara spears him off! It looks like Matt hit the ground really hard and he looks like he's out for a moment. Referee starts her ten-count, Matt is really wobbly and can barely stand up. The doctor comes out and stops the match. Commentary putting over that the referee didn't count Hardy out.


Hardy is still stalking Guevara though as we go to commentary who say at times a match can't end to save the health of a wrestler. We go back to Hardy catching up with Guevara and hits a DDT on Guevara! I guess we're not done yet?! Both start climbing up a scaffolding, Hardy knocks Sammy off of it and he goes crashing down! Referee starts her 10-count and Sammy doesn't get up. Pretty sure Hardy got shaken up and refused to end the match because of the stipulation.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Thunder Rosa (AEW Women's World Championship)

Rosa working over Shida in the early stage, Shida gets to the rope to break Rosa's hold. Shida tries for a knee strike, nope, Rosa lands a kick of her own and then a few forearms to the face. Shida with a hurricanrana, Rosa with one of her, and the two face-off in the middle of the ring for a moment. Rosa jaws at the champ, gets shoved, Rosa with a kick and a jumping elbow strike. Rosa with big strikes in the corners, neckbreaker, cover, two.


Shida with a running knee strike as Rosa hangs off the edge of the apron. Shida gets a chair, sets it down on the floor, goes for her leaping knee, but Rosa beats her to it and does a dropkick of her own. Shida driven into the apron a few times, then pulled back against the ring post. Rosa with a running kick to the back of the champ's head. Rosa with stampede into the corner then right into a backbreaker, cover, two-count.

Rosa with a surfboard stretch, then walks Shida over to the corner and bonks her head against the bottom turnbuckle a few times. Rosa with a dropkick drop, Shida tries for the stretch muffler submission, Rosa gets out of it and throws a big kick. Shida tries for the stretch muffler, Rosa with a nice counter out of it. Double running forearms from both women. Jumping knee strike by Shida.


Shida lands a suplex, cover, two. Shida tries for a kick, glancing blow, cover again, two. Falcon arrow attempt, Rosa reverse it into a pin, two. Rosa with a leap clothesline in the corner, slingshot double knees into the champ. Rosa with a low dropkick that shoves Shida out to the stage. Rosa tries for a death valley driver on the stage, no, gets sent into the ring post and put up on the top rope. Shida makes her way up, Rosa fights out of it, then lands a death valley driver on the apron. Rosa works the arm, but Shida gets her boot on the bottom rope. Rosa ends up on the stage, Shida on the middle rope and hits a meteora.

Back in the ring, Rosa with a flurry of shots to the midsection, Shida returns fire with a knee to the back of the head, german suplex by the challenge. Shida then hits falcon arrow, pin, one-count! Shida is surprised by that. Falcon arrow, no, rolled up for two. Shida gets the stretch muffler locked in the middle of the ring. Rosa finally gets to the ropes. Rosa lands a backstabber, cover, two. Shida with a big backbreaker, cover, two-count. Shida with the running knee, cover, 1-2-3!


Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

- Backstage with Alex Marvez: Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford for an announcement. Ford then says "We're getting married!" Sabian says this won't be any kind of wedding, they will be going All Out. It's going to be live on Dynamite. Before the wedding comes the bachelor party, and also a best man. Sabian says he's find the right guy, and will reveal who it is on Wednesday. Sabian then plugs his channel, and a message below it says "This message has been approved by All Elite Wrestling," a nice, little dig at WWE and its recent third party policies.

- Commentary says there's still no update on Cody's health after Brodie Lee's attack. Brandi let Excalibur know in a text that Cody will let people know how he's doing when he's ready.

Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, and Grayson) vs. The Natural Nightmares (with Brandie Rhodes and Allie), Matt Cardona, and Scorpio Sky

Brawl immediately breaks out as all wrestlers get in the ring, but all eight end up outside the ring. Things finally settled down with QT and Uno pairing off in the ring, back and forth action. Uno able to get to his corner and bring in Grayson. Cabana tags in and throws big elbow strikes on QT. Colt feeling good as he tags Lee in. Brodie goes over and kicks at Allie before throwing QT hard into the corner. Lee with a massive back body drop. Grayson heads back in and swings away.


QT is really getting run over and needs some help. QT finally plants Grayson to the mat, but Uno tags in and bites QT's fingers. He then knocks Dustin off the apron. Colt heads into the ring, runnign forearm, misses, Cardona is tagged in and he goes to work on Colt. Cardona with some knees and then a missile dropkick. Cardona gives a back body drop to Grayson. Colt with a big boot to Colt, cover, Lee quickly puts Colt's leg on the rope. Lee then taunts Brandi a bit. Cardona with a punch to the face. Cardona spills out to the floor, but Lee throws him back in. Colt gets back on him.

Grayson with a jumping knee drop on Cardona. Grayson with a senton down on Cardona on the apron, cover, two. Lee yelling "Where's Cody?!" to the other team. Roundhouse kick / brainbuster combo by Uno and Grayson on Cardona. Cardona with a falling neckbreaker on Uno, slow to tag out. Dustin finally does and hits some lariats on Grayson, uppercut, big slap to Uno, running bulldog on Grayson. Dustin then hits a spinning powerslam on Uno, then gives one to Grayson. Canadian destroyer on Colt. Lee with a big kick on Sky, Dustin falls back and tags in Sky. Anna Jay gets in the ring, but Brandi kicks her out of the ring. Sky then takes Lee out. Grayson back in the ring, takes a TKO by Sky.


Radio silence by Cardona on Grayson, then hits another off the middle rope on Uno. QT tags in, Cardona flips out and drops two Dark Order members. Back in the ring, Lee powerbomb Cardona. Colt tries for the flying apple and flips out to the floor. QT with a big flip out to the floor on Dark Order. QT looking for the diamond cutter, blocked, assisted sit out powerbomb. Lee with a sidewalk slam. Colt leaps off the top rope with a splash, cover, two. Dustin yelling at Lee, Lee sends QT over and Dustin tags in. Dustin ends up taking a big lariat. Lee tags Colt back in and says to pin him, moonsault by Colt, nobody there! Dustin with an inside cradle, Cardona holds Lee back and that's it!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona, and Scorpio Sky via Pinfall

- Post-match, Lee is super mad. Commentary noting he wanted Colt to make the pin and that didn't happen. Lee gets in the ring and yells at Colt, "I set you up!" Lee then leaves with the group. "I gave it to you!" Lee yells as he bounces. Uno helps Colt up and talks with him.


- Backstage, Tony talks with Dustin after their big win. Dustin says he's pumped to get the win. He says they did that tonight for Cody, and soon he'll be back to get back what's rightfully his. Tony then says Dustin gets a title shot at AEW TNT Champion Brodie Lee at Wednesday's Dynamite. Dustin says it's been a long time since he's fought for a title, but he tells Lee he's coming for him on Wednesday.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega (c) vs. FTR (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Page and Wheeler start things off, Wheel and Page backed into the corner, Wheeler looks for a hand shake, Page shoves him and swings away. Hardwood gets involved and he gets popped. Both go to the outside, Page goes to follow, Omega gets him to stop and Page nearly punches him. Omega and Page get it back together and land a bunch of strikes on Wheeler. Omega and Page finally high-five. Wheeler continues to get worked over by the champs.


Page with a standing shooting star press on Wheeler's back. Wheeler able to recover with a side suplex, then tags out to Harwood. He goes for an elbow drop, nobody home. Wheeler tags right back in and gets punched in the face. Page with a big lariat, Wheeler comes in from behind and throws Page at the ring post, then dropkicks him into it. Tony gives an update on the Broken Rules Match, says Matt Hardy won after Sampson stopped the match and then re-started it when he decided Matt could continue. Commentary says both Sammy and Matt will be okay.

FTR able to turn the tides and works over Page, double team gutbuster, Harwood really working over the shoulder of Page. Page able to find a window, tag in Omega, discus hammer on wheeler, Harwood tries to break it up, Omega moves, then hits you can't escape, cover, two. FTR with a great sequence of double team moves on Omega, ending with Harwood hitting a german suplex with the bridge for a two count. Omega with a knee strike to Wheeler. Page in the ring, rolling elbow, assisted german suplex. Pop-up powerbomb on Wheeler, Omega with a knee to the back of the head.


Champs look for last shot, Harwood disrupts that finisher. Wheeler puts Omega up on the top rope, looking for a superplex, Omega drops him to the second rope. Wheeler pulls the referee in front of him, Harwood able to crotch Omega. Harwood with a chop to the chest, goes up to the second rope, Page then hangs onto Omega's leg for a moment. Wheeler dispatches him. Omega shoves Harwood away for a moment. Harwood with a big superplex, Wheel lands the splash off the top rope, cover, two. Goodnight express, Page breaks that move up. Harwood with a brainbuster on Omega. Page lands a big sliding lariat on Harwood, but eats a swinging DDT by Wheeler.

Omega hits a poisonrana on Wheeler. Tiger driver 98, cover, two. Omega hits v-trigger on Wheeler, tries for one winged angel, nope. Omega takes a couple dragon screw leg whips, one of them through the ropes. Inverted figure-four by Harwood, Harwood uses the ropes for leverage. Omega gets to the ropes for the break. Page checks on Omega out on the floor. Ref sends Page back to his corner. Harwood swings Omega's leg into the ring post. Omega needs to tag out, finally hits some snap dragon suplexes. Omega shoves Harwood off him and he goes right into Page. Omega tries for a cover for a two-count.


Page finally gets the tag, beats up both opponents. Wheeler lands a shot, tries for a leap, Hangman catches him for a fallaway slam. Page hits a splash down on Harwood. Wheeler charges and flies out to the floor. Page then hits a senton on both guys! Back in the ring, Page takes a shot from Harwood, cover, two. Double flying headbutts by FTR on Page. Page and Wheeler trading shots. Wheeler lifts Page on his shoulders. Harwood with a flying bulldog, cover, two-count. Harwood dumped out to the floor. Wheeler and Page go up top, Page with a blockbuster suplex! Cover, 1-2-no! Buckshot lariat, misses everybody. Omega tries for v-trigger and it decks Page by mistake. Wheeler with a chop block on Omega, then kicks him out. Spiked piledriver on Page, cover, 1-2-Page kicks out! Another one on Page, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall

- Post-match, FTR gives Page (who's still down on the mat) a beer and head to the back. Omega then gets a ringside table, like he's gonna whack his partner. He then tosses the table aside. Page goes over to hug or something, Omega doesn't catch him as he falls to the mat. Omega then kicks the beer away (hitting the camera perfectly, btw), gives Page a look, then heads to the back. Omega heads to the back and asks Matt and Nick Jackson if they saw what happened. He says he's done! He walks out to the outside with them. Omega blows off some steam as Matt and Nick try to keep him at the venue. Omega says it's time for a clean sweep, a clean break, go back to the way things were. Omega gets in a car and heads off. Young Bucks didn't leave with Omega.


- Backstage, Chris Jericho talks with Alex Marvez, hyping up the first-ever Mimosa Mayhem Match. Jericho says he makes main event stars, he makes dreams come time, but he also ends them.

Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy (Mimosa Mayhem Match)

This match is no count-out, No DQ, and no rope breaks. Pinfall, submission, or throw your opponent completely into the mimosa to win the match. Commentary yet again brings up Matt Hardy's match, saying that the doctor evaluated Matt and decided on his own to restart the match, it was just at the word of Matt. AEW obviously seeing the backlash on social media about Hardy continuing the match.

Jericho hits a codebreak right off the bat! Cover, two count. Jericho tries to catapults Cassidy into the tank, but he avoids it. Jericho then tries to shove him in, but no luck. Jericho clears off the table that's next to the tank and throws it against Cassidy. Jericho then sent off the platform and down to the floor. Cassidy leaps and hits Jericho with a splash. Jericho and Cassidy trading shots near the tank on the other side of the ring. Cassidy leaps for a hurricanrana, Jericho looks to send him into the tank, Jericho then does it on the ramp, then on the table!


Back in the ring, Cassidy gets some offense, but is againg nearly sent into the tank. Cassidy leapfrogs in, pin, two. Back and forth action, Jericho with walls of Jericho, Cassidy able to get a pitcher full of Mimosa and throws it in Jericho's face, inside cradle on Jericho, two. Big superman punch, cover, two. Jericho gets tossed near the tank, and a whole leg goes out, but that's not enough. Cassidy on the second rope, Jericho grabs him and looks to toss him in. Cassidy falls into the ring, and punches Jericho.

Jericho and Cassidy end up on the top rope, Jericho shoves his opponent off. Cassidy with the kip-up, goes up and hits a hurricanrana. Running PK by Cassidy, swinging DDT, cover, two. Jericho sets up for a powerbomb on Cassidy. Cassidy slips out, superman punch, Jericho hangs on. Cassidy hits another one and Jericho goes splashing down into the Mimosa.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Submersion

- Next week on Dynamite:


* Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are getting married. Sabian to announce his best man.
* Brodie Lee (c) vs. Dustin Rhodes (AEW TNT Championship)
* AEW World Champion will speak

Jon Moxley (c) vs. MJF with Wardlow (AEW World Championship)

The paradigm shift is banned in this match. MJF keeping Moxley very much grounded in the early stages of the match. MJF and Moxley go to the ropes, MJF tries for the sucker punch and gets knocked to the outside. Moxley chases after him, MJF quickly jumps back in. MJF sent to the outside, Moxley leaps over, but MJF right back in the ring. Moxley smacks the mat out of frustration. Moxley things about paradigm shift, but stops. MJF out to the floor, Moxley feints a leap, MJF leaps in and gets his finger stepped on. Moxley then hits a suicide dive, shoving MJF to the barricade.

MJF is then crotched on the barricade and clotheslined off it. Moxley eyes Warlow for a moment before going back to beating up MJF. Moxley launches MJF into the barricade, the whole thing comes down. Moxley then pulls apart MJF's fingers, MJF screaming in pain. Back in the ring, MJF works the arm, tries for cross rhodes, but Moxley tries for a sleeper, MJF kicks out of it into a pin for a two-count. MJF taking control of the match now, slowing things back down. Moxley sent out to the floor. MJF does the title taunt and talks some smack to Moxley. He goes out to the ring and ends up getting catapulted into the ring post, lol.


Moxley selling a shoulder injury and is jamming his shoulder back into place in the turnbuckle. Back to MJF who is now busted open. Moxley with a big clothesline in the corner, kick to the face, knee to the face, x-plex, cover, two. Gotch style piledrive on MJF, cover, two. Mxoley can only use one arm in his pins. Moxley decides to bite MJF's face, and now has MJF's blood on his face. MJF leaps off the second rope and stomps on Moxley's bad arm. Back and forth shots, Moxley with a release german suplex, big clothesline, cover, two.

MJF spits in Moxley's face, Moxley almost goes for the paradigm shift. MJF counters into the fujiwara armbar, he bites at Moxley's fingers. MJF yells for Moxley to tap as Moxley crawls to the ropes. MJF brings him back to the center of the ring. Moxley eventually gets a foot on the rope. MJF lands heat seeker on Moxley, cover, two. Both go wild with a bunch of strikes. MJF pulls the referee in front of him, he tosses him away and thumbs Moxley's in the eye. Moxley with a sleeper hold. MJF pulls the referee in and hits the lowblow. MJF hits cross rhodes, cover, two. Wardlow up on the apron, referee yells at him. Warlow throws the ring on the mat over near MJF, Moxley sees what's going on though. He hits paradigm shift on MJF while the referee wasn't looking. Cover, 1-2-3!


Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, Lance Archer and Jake Roberts looking on from the crowd. Archer next in line for a title shot. Moxley flips off Archer and raises up his title.