It’s Tuesday, you know what that means! Time for another edition of AEW Dark and there are 11 matches slated for tonight. Coverage will begin right here at 7:00pm EST. Take a look at the card below and get the discussion started ahead of time, and of course throughout the show!

Time to get this thing started! Veda Scott, Excalibur and Tazz are on the call this evening.

Fuego Del Sol & Rembrandt Lewis vs. Stu Grayson & Evil Uno

Grayson and Del Sol will start the action off this evening and Del Sol immediately hits a standing ‘rana and an arm bar. Del Sol catching Grayson off guard with his quickness and tags in Lewis. Lewis comes in and hits a kick to Grayson’s head, but Grayson answers back with a slam. Uno gets the tag and Dark Order connects with some great teamwork. Uno sends Lewis into the corner and lays in strong chops. Lewis crawls to the Dark Order’s corner and Grayson tags himself in.

Grayson with quick stomps and tags Uno back in. Lewis tries to fight his way out and kicks Uno in the midsection, but gets dropped quickly and eats a big leg drop by Uno. Grayson back in and hits a double team maneuver. Grayson throws Lewis to his corner to allow Del Sol to enter the ring and Del Sol eats a huge pump kick and a Night Fall. Uno tagged in and hits a flatliner on Del Sol for the finish.

Winners: Evil Uno & Stu Grayson

Ricky Starks vs. Christopher Daniels

A lockup gets the action started and Starks takes control backing Daniels into the corner and lays in body shots. Starks follows it up with a clothesline, but Daniels answers back with some right hands and takes down Starks with an arm drag. Starks counters out and sinks in a head scissors before switching over to work the arm. Starks hits the ropes and Daniels catches him with a deep arm drag.

Starks back to his feet and sends Daniels to the ropes. Starks misses a cross body – Daniels hits a moonsault press – cover and a two count. Starks sent to the corner and Daniels follows him closely with a forearm smash. Starks sends Daniels to the outside, uses the apron as a weapon and then rolls Daniels back in the ring. Daniels and Starks exchanging forearm smashes. Starks with a swinging neck breaker. Cover and a near fall.

Hard shot to the kidneys by Starks. Daniels counters with a T-bone suplex. Pair of clotheslines by Daniels and he follows it with a STO. Sit-down powerbomb by Daniels – cover and a near fall. Daniels attempts the Angel’s Wings, but Starks counters. Series of two counts exchanged by Daniels and Starks. Both men are down and being counted out but they get up at 7. Starks with an arm drag, hits the ropes and a connects with a Spear for the finish.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Puf & Calvin Stewart vs. The Butcher & The Blade

Butcher and Blade waste no time and attack the opposition before the bell rings. Puf sent to the outside. Butcher with a back breaker on Stewart. Blade continues to work on Stewart and start the match officially. Butcher gets the quick tag and lays in a loud chop on the chest of Stewart. Blade back in and viciously attacks Stewart. Huge kick to the face by Blade. Stewart answers with a drop kick and tags in Puf.

Puf with a back elbow rattles Blade and follows it up with a chop that levels him. Butcher gets the tag and Puf sends him to the corner. Puf gets caught with a big boot as he charges in. Butcher with a cross body. Puf tags out, Blade tags in and they finish him off with the Full Death.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

Will Hobbs vs. Serpentico

Serpentico relentless as he attacks Hobbs. Hobbs overpowers Serpentico and sends him over the top rope and into the barricades. The action gets back to the ring and Hobbs is manhandling Serpentico with repeated slams and suplexes. Serpentico starting to counter with some offense and lands a big kick to Hobbs’ face that sends the big man to the outside.

Serpentico over the ropes with a double stomp and follows it up with another. Cover and a two count. Hobbs trying to get to his feet, but Serpentico is disrespectfully kicking his head. Serpentico hits the ropes and tries a cross body attempt, but Hobbs shoves him off in mid-air. Serpentico eats a monster spinebuster for the finish.

Winner: Will Hobbs

Lucha Brothers vs. Dontae Smiley & Maxx Stardom

Fenix and Stardom will start the match as the legal men. Fenix with a camel clutch right out of the gate. Stardom gets to his feet and Fenix rolls through the ropes and stretches his arm over the top. Penta gets the tag and sends Stardom to the ropes and drops him in the middle of the ring. Fenix gets the tag and plants Stardom as Penta comes off the top with a double stomp.

Penta gets the tag back in and continues to work Stardom. Snap mare takedown by Penta and another quick tag to Fenix. Fenix with a forearm smash and follows it up with chops. Stardom fighting back and tags in Smiley who lays out both Fenix and Penta. Manhattan drop to Penta and Smiley goes over the top to take out Fenix. Stardom comes off the top on Penta, but Penta gets his foot up and hits a pump handle driver. Cover and Smiley breaks it up before being sent back to the outside. Package driver on Stardom for the finish.

Winners: Lucha Brothers

Ryzin & Xander Gold vs. Dark Order’s 5 & 10

Five and Gold exchanging arm drags. Five gets the better of Gold and shows off his technical skills before connecting on a huge lariat. 10 and Ryzin get the tag and square off in the middle of the ring. Ryzin hits the ropes and hits a rising heel kick. Cover and quick kick out. 10 with strong chops. Excellent tag team work by Dark Order and 10 hits a rip cord cutter. Ryzin answers back with a falling neck breaker across the knee and then misses a moonsault. 5 and Gold both get the tag.

Gold sent to the corner, leaps up top and backflips over the top of 5 and follows up with a spear into the corner. Gold hits the ropes, 10 blind tags in, 5 ducks and 10 hits a spinebuster on Ryzin. Gold goes for the cross body, but 10 catches him in mid-air. 5 with a diving stomp into a power slam for the finish.

Winners: Dark Order’s 5 and 10

Kevin Blackwood & Daniel Garcia vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Janela and Garcia will start the match with a lockup. Janela goes behind and Garcia reverses it. Janela breaks it and resets with another lockup and go-behind. Garcia reverses again before hitting the ropes and dropping Janela. Janela answers back with a running back elbow. Kiss with the tag and they hit a double team arm drag. Atomic drop on Garcia and he tags in Blackwood. Blackwood and Kiss miss a pair of kicks, but Kiss with the roll up pin attempt – kick out at two. Tiaras by Kiss and follows it up with a beautiful dropkick.

Garcia with the tag enters the ring and lays out Kiss. Blackwood with the tag back in and hits a running uppercut on Kiss in the corner. Blackwood stomping away at Kiss and drop Kiss with a hard right. Garcia back in and going to work on Kiss. Garcia with the bow and arrow stretch before tagging in Blackwood. Great quick tags. Blackwood with a series of kicks to Kiss – cover and a two count. Kiss kicking his way out of a single-leg crab attempt and tags in Janela.

Janela turns Garcia inside out and levels Blackwood. Death Valley Driver on Blackwood and drops Garcia on Blackwood. Janela with a diving cross body off the top to the outside on Garcia and Blackwood. Back in the ring, Garcia eats a brainbuster by Janela. Cover and a two count. Kiss gets the tag – Janela plants Garcia with a slam and Kiss hits a diving split leg drop for the win.

Winners: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

Billy & Austin Gunn vs. M’Badu & Cruz

Billy and M’Badu start things off with a lockup. Billy sent to the ropes and shoulder tackles M’Badu. Billy with a backslide pin attempt. M’Badu kicks out and sends Billy to the corner. Billy gets the uppercut on a charging M’Badu and levels him with a clothesline. Austin gets the tag and hits a headscissors. Cruz gets the tag and Austin rolls him up. Kick out at two. Cruz answers back with a monster clothesline and follows it up with an elbow drop.

M’Badu gets the tag and lays in some shots on Austin. Austin battles back, but gets hit by power slam. Cover and Austin kicks out at two. M’Badu misses a big splash in the corner. Billy gets the tag, as does Cruz. Billy hits the Fame-Asser on Cruz for the finish.

Winners: Billy and Austin Gunn

Kilynn King vs. Serena Deeb

A lockup will officially kick this match off and King takes control with the arm drag and wrist lock. Deeb reverses and takes down King. Quick cover and two count for Deeb. King answers back with a shoulder tackle and stretches Deeb out in the middle of the ring. Deeb counters the body slam attempt and takes down King with an arm drag. Back to their feet, Deeb gets dropped over the ropes. King throws Deeb into the corner and follows up with a double knee strike.

King wrenching away at the neck of Deeb, but Deeb gets to her feet and hits a neck breaker. Hard lefts by Deeb and a running knee and lariat. Deeb lays King out with a neck breaker over the middle rope. King answers with a pair of kicks. Deeb dodges the German suplex and wrenches the leg of King and she taps out!

Winner: Serena Deeb

Lee Johnson vs. Ben Carter

Carter with the quick takedown, but Johnson reverses with the side headlock. Back to their feet for the reset, Carter with the wrist lock. Johnson kips up out of the lock and reverses with one of his own. Carter flips through and breaks it out. Both men kip up and square off in the middle of the ring and shake hands.

Carter sends Johnson to the ropes and both dodge dropkick attempts before Johnson connects with one to the stomach of Carter. Johnson with a running uppercut in the corner. Carter answers by driving Johnson face first into the middle turnbuckle. Both guys exchanging strong chops. Snap suplex by Carter. Cover and a two count. Johnson fights his way to his feet, hits the ropes and gets tripped up and caught in a STF in the middle of the ring. Johnson crawls to the rope and breaks the hold.

Johnson gets planted on the top rope. Carter goes up for a superplex and Johnson fights him off. Carter with a dropkick to Johnson and a superplex. Johnson counters with a pin attempt and gets a near fall. Double pump kick lays both men out! Both guys fight to their feet. Johnson with an uppercut and a Blue Thunder Bomb – cover and a near fall! Johnson, on the apron, eats an enziguri from Carter. Carter misses the moonsault to the outside and Johnson hits a flip over the top on Carter. Johnson showing off gets hit by a flip over the top from Carter.

Carter misses the Phoenix Splash. Johnson hits a Death Valley Driver – cover and a two count! Johnson with another power move – cover and another near fall. Johnson is going up top, but Carter cuts him off and hits a Spanish Fly. Cover and a two count. Carter up top and connects with a Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Ben Carter

Eddie Kingston vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman and Kingston lock things up. Kingston with a toe kick. Pillman quickly sinks in a headlock and Kingston rolls to the outside to regroup. Pillman with another side headlock and gets sent to the ropes. Pillman hits a cross body and a pair of arm drags. Kingston to the outside again to regroup. Pillman takes the bait and follows Kingston. Kingston sends Pillman to the barricades and back into the ring.

Kingston with a body slam and kick to the back. Kingston with strong chops in the corner and knocks Pillman to the mat with a hard right hand. Pillman sent to the corner hard and drops to the mat. Back to the other corner hard and Pillman drops again. Kingston continues kicking away at Pillman. Pillman fires back, but Kingston laying heavy shots. Pillman with a sunset flip and a near fall. Pillman with a crucifix attempt, but Kingston drops back on him.

Pillman with a string of offense and an uppercut, turns to hit the ropes but Kingston levels him with a club to the back of the head. Kingston working the head and neck of Pillman, but Pillman fights back. Hard rights and chops to Kingston and sends him head first to the corner. Pillman with a thrust kick and Kingston rolls outside. Pillman with a dropkick through the ropes and sends Kingston back to the ring. Pillman with a springboard clothesline. Cover and a near fall.

Kingston with a jaw breaker and a suplex. Cover and another near fall. Pillman with a pump handle driver! Cover and a near fall. Kingston with a spinning back fist for the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston