Welcome back in for another edition of AEW Dark. There are 9 matches on the card for tonight and coverage will begin right here at 7pm EST. Feel free to get the discussion started ahead of the show and join in on the comments as the show progresses.

Ray Rosas & Ryzin vs. Kazarian & Scorpio Sky

Kaz and Rosas officially kick the action off with a lockup. Kaz takes control with a headlock before transitioning into a hammerlock. Kaz hits the ropes and takes Rosas down with a shoulder tackle and sinks in another headlock. Rosas into the ropes and eats a dropkick from Sky, who tags himself in. Russian leg sweep from Sky. Jaw breaker coming from Rosas and he tags in Ryzin.

Sky with hard rights and lefts to the midsection, but gets sent to the ropes and gets hit with a dropkick. Ryzin tags Rosas back in. Sky low-bridges Ryzin and sends Rosas into his partner. Kaz gets the tag back in and drop toe holds Rosas over the middle rope where Sky connects on a kick to the face. Hard chop by Kaz, but Kaz sent into the corner. Rosas with an enziguri followed by a missile dropkick off the top rope. Cover and a one count.

Ryzin with the tag and stomps away at Kaz in the corner. Ryzin grabs the legs of Kaz and pulls him up for a sit-down powerbomb. Lateral press by Ryzin is only good for a two count. Kaz fights his way out of enemy territory and tags in Sky. Sky takes the hot tag and levels Rosas and Ryzin. Double stomps to Rosas and comes over the top rope for the cutter. Kaz tags in and SCU hits the SCU-L8R on Rosas for the win.

Winner: SCU

Alex Gracia vs. Penelope Ford w/ Kip Sabian

Penelope with an arm drag take down. Gracia steps up and Penelope drops her with a slam. Gracia follows it up with a running dropkick. Penelope baits Gracia to the outside, slides back in the ring and hits a running knee as Gracia tries to get through the ropes. Penelope standing on the throat of Gracia and then pulls her back into the middle of the ring and drops her with a hard right. Fireman’s carry into the gut buster by Penelope. Cover is only good for two. Fisherman suplex for the win.

Winner: Penelope Ford

Best Friends vs. M’Badu & BSHP King

Trent and M’Badu will kick this match off. M’Badu shows his power by throwing Trent around the ring out of the lockup. Trent resets and hits a big boot and right forearm smash. M’Badu hits the ropes and gets leveled by a back elbow from Trent. Chuck Taylor with the tag for Best Friends. King gets the tag as well. A lockup ensues and Taylor gets the headlock before being sent to the ropes and dropped by a tackle.

Deep arm drag by Taylor. Trent receives the tag. Double Irish whip and double tackle on King. Strong chops by Trent in the Best Friend’s corner. King pushes Trent and begs for more – Trent obliges with an open hand slap. Taylor back in and drops King with a body slam. King answers back with one of his own. M’Badu gets the tag and hits a Stinger Splash on Taylor in the corner.

King back in, misses a senton and tags back out. Trent gets the tag and lights up M’Badu and hits a flying clothesline. Back suplex on King and a spinning DDT off the ropes plants M’Badu. Taylor back in and hits a rising knee before hitting a Half & Half/Soul Food combination. Strong Zero on M’Badu for the finish.

Winners: Best Friends

Brandon Cutler video package is shown where he says Peter Avalon brought this upon himself and there will be a rematch until one of them is the clear winner.

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) vs. Dark Order’s 5 & 10

Luchasaurus and 5 start it off. 5 slaps the big man and then tags in 10. Luchasaurus with the strong chop on 10. 10 answers back with one of his own. The big men hit the ropes and Luchasaurus catches 10 and tosses him with an overhead belly suplex. Jungle Boy gets the tag, as does 5. 5 with an arm breaker over the shoulder. Jungle Boy with a deep arm drag. 5 with the leg scissors and Jungle Boy slips out.

Quick exchanges of waist locks. 5 with a kick to the midsection and sends Jungle Boy into the corner. Jungle Boy with a rip cord fireman’s carry then comes off the rope with his patented arm drag. Luchasaurus gets the tag and hits a gut-wrench buckle bomb. Jungle Boy tags himself back in and hits an assisted senton off the shoulders of his partner. 5 slips out of a suplex attempt and hits a neck breaker. 10 with the tag.

10 with a pump kick on Jungle Boy – cover and kick out at two. 10 clubbing away at the back of Jungle Boy and tags in 5. 5 with a kick to the midsection and then a kick to the back. Cover and a near fall. 10 back in as the legal man and hits a back body drop on Jungle Boy as 5 hits a drop kick. 10 with the cover and gets a two count. 10 sends Jungle Boy to the ropes and he fires back with a huge clothesline. Jungle Boy makes the tag and Luchasaurus chops down 5 and goes to work on 10 before hitting a monster clothesline.

Luchasaurus over the top of 10 and hits him with a tail whip. Death Valley Driver on 5 – cover and a near fall. Jungle Boy back in as the legal man. Luchasaurus sent face first into the ring post on the outside and 10 takes the tag and hits a spine buster on Jungle Boy as 5 hits a Frog Splash. Cover by 10 is good for a two count. 5 with the tag. Jungle Boy rolls him up but 5 kicks out. Luchasaurus plants 10 with a choke slam and gets the tag. 5 gets hit with the Jurassic Express Cutter for the 1,2,3.

Winners: Jurassic Express

Shawn Dean & Cezar Bononi vs. Gunn Club

Austin and Dean will start the match off with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Dean flips Austin with his feet and the match resets. Another knuckle lock and Austin gets the better of it. Billy gets the tag and continues to work the arm of Shawn Dean. Austin back in with the quick tag and gets sent to the ropes. Austin with an arm drag and Bononi tags in. Bononi calling out Billy, but Austin isn’t backing down. Bononi throws Austin into the corner and Billy tags himself in.

A lockup in the middle of the ring and neither man budges. Bononi with a knee and elbow shot to the face of Billy. Billy quickly recovers and connects with big rights and a clothesline. Bononi sends Billy to the ropes and Dean kicks Billy in the back. A distracted Billy turns around and eats a monster boot by Bononi. Dean tags in and goes to work on a staggered Billy.

Bononi back in and continues the assault. Bononi driving the knee into the side of Billy. Cover and Billy gets the shoulder up. Rear naked choke by Bononi and Billy fights back to his feet. Short shot to the kidneys by Bononi and Billy hits the tilt-a-whirl slam. Dean and Austin both get the tags. Austin comes in on fire and takes down both men and hits a flipping neck breaker on Dean. DDT now and a cover, but Bononi breaks up the pin.

Dean drives the shoulder into the midsection of Austin in the corner. Austin set up on the top rope and knocks Dean off the top. Catapult/Clothesline by the Gunn Club. Billy with the tag and hits the Fame-Asser for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club

Natural Nightmares cutting a promo on Dark Order saying when the numbers are even, they are unstoppable.

Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet

Tay Conti with a few snap mare take downs to start the match. Red Velvet answers with a pair of deep arm drags. Conti with the go-behind and a flying cross arm breaker. Conti pulls her into a pinning attempt but Velvet kicks out. Hip throw and pump kick by Conti. Cover and a near fall. Conti with mounting forearm smashes.

Velvet kicks Conti off but gets sent to the corner. Conti follows in with a double knee strike. Monkey flip back into the center of the ring and Conti with a dragon sleeper. Velvet counters out and hits a series of clothesline and a leg lariat. Running knee by Velvet and a cover – Conti kicks out at two. Forearm smash by Velvet. Conti fires back with some of her own and hits a modified Black Hole Slam. Knee strike to the head of Velvet. Conti sinks in an unorthodox choke submission and Velvet taps.

Winner: Tay Conti

After the match, Anna Jay enters the ring and hits a Jay Kick on Velvet. Brandi rushes down and clears the ring as she checks on Red Velvet.

Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Before the bell rings, Luther and Serpentico attack Pillman and Garrison. Serpentico and Garrison officially start the match as the legal men. Garrison with a back body drop and a snap mare before tagging Pillman. Pillman with a delayed northern lights suplex. Luther with a cheap shot on Pillman and gets the tag. Body slam by Luther and then uses Serpentico as a weapon by slamming him on Pillman. Serpentico gets the tag and Luther drops Pillman with a sidewalk slam as Serpentico hits him with a double stomp.

Luther with the quick tag back in and sends Pillman to the ropes and levels him with a clothesline. Snap suplex by Luther. Serpentico back in and Luther suplexes him onto Pillman. Pillman gets back to his feet and gets back handed by Serpentico. Pillman with a cross body off the top and tags in Garrison. Garrison levels Serpentico and connects with a Stinger Splash and a big clothesline before hitting a modified flapjack. Cover and a near fall. Pillman with the tag and eats a superkick by Serpentico. Serpentico with an assisted backdrop for the finish on Pillman.

Winners: Chaos Project

Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Rache Chanel

Nyla telling Chanel to lay down. Chanel fakes it and connects with a big forearm smash. Nyla with a powerful body slam. Rose with a double choke slam. Cover and Rose pulls her up. Chanel takes advantage and hits a dropkick that sends Nyla down into the corner. Chanel follows it up with a running boot to the face. The shot fires Rose up and she regains control with repeated slams. Chanel comes off the ropes and gets hit with the Beast Bomb for the finish.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Natural Nightmares vs. John Silver and Colt Cabana

Colt and Dustin start the match off and Dustin immediately gets the upper hand. Silver tags in and tries to work on Dustin, but gets hit with a big right hand. Marshall with the tag and Silver counters on him in the corner. Marshall with a kick to the midsection and a vertical suplex. Marshall gets distracted by Colt in the corner and Silver capitalizes with a brain buster. Colt gets the tag and hits a splash – cover and near fall.

Another splash and quick kick out. Silver tags himself in and continues to work on Marshall. Colt tags himself in and Silver tags himself right back in. Silver with repeated kicks to the chest of Marshall. Marshall slaps Silver in the face and hits a back breaker/flatliner combo. Colt tags himself in and Dustin gets the tag for the Natural Nightmares. Big right hand by Dustin. Manhattan drop and bulldog. Powerslams for Silver and Colt. Dustin sends them both to the outside and comes off the apron with the flipping senton.

Dustin tags Marshall back in. Marshall eats a huge kick to the face by Silver and Colt slams him down – cover and a near fall. Silver back in and tries to get Colt to hit a double team maneuver but they are not on the same page and Marshall hits a Diamond Cutter on Silver for the win.

Winners: Natural Nightmares

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