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Ricky Starks vs. Darby Allin

Taz joins commentary as Tony Schiavone is off looking for an interview. Allin working Starks’ wrist until Starks finally gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Starks to the apron, Allin tries to bring him in the ring. They counter suplexes until Allin is brought over to the apron. Allin hits a suplex on the apron. Starks to the floor, Allin lands a big suicide dive on his opponent. Allin goes to bring Starks back into the ring, but Brian Cage comes to the ring. Will Hobbs then runs out and the two battle to the back.

Allin goes back to pull Starks up, and gets yanked from the apron down to the floor. Starks kicks away at Allin in the ring. Allin with a boot to the face, but puts Allin into a single boston crab leg, drops Allin, cover, two. Allin back up, yoshi tonic, cover, two-count. Allin with wrist control again, drops down into a fujiwara armbar.

Starks reaches out, and Allin yanks back that arm, as well. Starks claws his way over and finally get to the rope. Allin with a bunch of shots, over-the-top stunner, slingshot off the ropes and Starks catches him with a spear! Goes for a pin, but Allin still kicks out. Starks puts Allin up on the top turnbuckle, Allin able to counter and boots Starks off. Allin with a coffin drop on Starks’ back, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

– Cody heads out to the ring to talk with Dasha. She asks about his injury and how he’s feeling. Cody says his trainer, Al Snow, says you’ll always wrestle hurt, but never wrestle injured. Cody brings up about how before the pandemic, wrestlers always shook hands because it was a sign of respect, especially to those on the marquee. Cody then brings up how he was on that marquee but then lost in three minutes. Shortly after, he gets a call from Hollywood and sits next to some big names on a new show. Cody wonders “Who am I? I’m just a guy who lost in three minutes.” Cody says while he’s been gone he’s listened to what’s been going on.

He says the only people who could call themselves the “ace” of the company (likely referring to Kenny Omega) is either Hikaru Shida, Jon Moxley or Brodie Lee. Dasha then asks if Cody accepts Lee’s challenge to a Dog Collar Match. Cody says a match as brutal as that is, as one of the EVPs of the company, his answer is no. Cody heads to the stage, stops, then comes back. Cody says “No, as in no regrets! Next week! I accept!” Brodie Lee heads out to the ring and they start brawling, which brings out a ton of people to separate the two guys. Brandi Rhodes comes out to the ring and hits a big senton on a bunch of Dark Order members. Anna Jay comes out and they fight for a minute. The women are separated though by other women. Nyla Rose jumps the barricade and beats up King. Lee heads to the bacxk for a moment, but runs back out and more fighting happens.

– Backstage, Tony talks with FTR and Tully Blanchard. Tony brings up how the champs were supposed to wrestle Best Friends, but that didn’t work. Wheeler says Best Friends are participation trophy guys, and just don’t deserve a match with them. SCU on the other hand is worthy of a match. Dax Harwood is asked about The Young Bucks and a match with them. Harwood brings up how Matt and Nick have had their shots, but they have continuously blown their opportunities. Tony goes to ask about their Full Gear opponents and Tony gets superkicked to the ground. They head off without even acknowledging FTR.

– Backstage, Dasha talks with SCU (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) about tonight’s title match. Kazarian says they are going to become champs for the second time, guaranteed. Shawn Spears is standing off to the side as they head out to the ring, and sarcastically says, “Good luck.”

FTR with Tully Blanchard vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky with Christopher Daniels) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

This match has a 20 minute time limit. Hangman Page on commentary for this match, Jim Ross brings up how Kenny Omega is focusing on his singles career, and wonders if that’s what Page is doing too. Page says he still has a vested interest in the tag division, doesn’t think Omega is serious about going back to singles competition (has had a match yet). Sky lands a big dropkick on Harwood, cover, one-count. Wheeler runs the ropes, trips himself down and points to Daniels for tripping him! Referee didn’t see it, but throws Daniels out to the back anyways! Page asks Daniels for another drink as he goes to the back.

In the ring, Sky with a springboard crossbody, SCU sends both Harwood and Wheeler out to the floor. Kazarian bait both guys as Sky is able to hit a big flip out on both of them. Sky eventually gets dropped by Wheeler out on the floor. FTR works over Sky, but Kazarian is able to finally tag in and take out the champs. Kazarian with a german suplex with the bridge on Wheeler for two-count. Match is now at ten minutes, again, the challengers have ten more minutes or FTR retains. FTR with a dropkick into a roll-up on Kazarian, two-count.

Kazarian makes his way to his corner, Sky tags in, kicks Harwood in the face, pin, two. FTR looking to finish things off, Frankie is fighting both guys off. Kazarian and Wheeler on the second rope. Harwood trying to getting involved and ended up getting powerslammed down to the mat for a two-count. Sky tags in, crossbody off the top rope, double roll through, more pin attempts and all are two-counts. Blanchard holds Wheelers arms as Sky tries for another pin, only two. Sky with a suplex on Wheeler, he rolls to the apron, Sky tries for another one, Tully sweeps Sky’s leg and Wheeler falls down on him. Tully and Dax help hold Sky’s foot down for the three count.

Winners: FTR via Pinfall

– Commentary announces an eight-man tournament, single elimination with the finals at Full Gear. Winner gets a shot at the AEW World Championship. Three names are announced: Jungle Boy, Rey Fenix, and Kenny Omega.

Chris Jericho (with Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara) vs. Isiah Kassidy (with Matt Hardy and Marq Quen)

Hardy standing at ringside with a chair, staring at Inner Circle. Jericho slaps away at Kassidy, shoving him into the corner. Jericho turns his back and immediately gets dropped. Kassidy with a bunch of clotheslines, sweeps the legs, throws punches at Jericho’s face. Early pin attempt on Jericho, cover, two. Jericho ends up on the floor, gets into it with Luther, who ends up knocking Jericho down. Kassidy with a flip out to Jericho. He then sends Jericho into the ring and hits a rough senton that lands flat on Jericho.

Jericho is back up and takes Kassidy down and remains in control. Jericho tries for a running bulldog and goes hard into the corner. Kassidy with a flurry of clotheslines, enziguri, and ends up on the apron. Kassidy with a springboard over-the-top stunner, cover, two. Kassidy is able to hit yet another stunner, cover, close three-count. Jericho tries for lionsault, knees up. Kassidy with one of his own, cover, two. Kassidy hits codebreaker, pin, two-count. Kassidy heads to the apron, springboards in and gets caught with a judas effect! Cover and that will do it.

Winner: Chris Jericho via Pinfall

– Post-match, Inner Circle try to strike, but Hardy and Quen chase them off. Jericho and Hager then start swinging away on Luther and Serpentico (Chaos Project) before heading up to the stage.

– Kip Sabian talks with Miro about wanting an epic bachelor party. Miro talks with someone about wanting to make it the best party ever. They play a bunch of games. Sabian steps out, Video Game Record Holder Billy Mitchell steps in, and as they play a game Mitchell says he knows some people that could help throw a wild party.

– Backstage, Dasha talks with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy about where they’re at mentally with how things went last week. FTR steps in, they say they saved Best Friends from having a match. Some teams up are way up high on the card, like the champs…and there’s nothing wrong with being comedic midcarders. They go to walk away and Best Friends act like they are going to fight. FTR cowers for a moment. Cassidy takes the mic, “Weenies…”

Orange Cassidy (with Best Friends) vs. 10 (with John Silver, 5, and Colt Cabana)

Ten takes Cassidy’s glasses and gives them to John Silver. Ten lifts and plants Cassidy, goes for the early pin, one-count. Ten mocks Cassidy some more, Cassidy with a high stack, cover, two. Ten with a big spinebuster and taunts the camera. Kick to Cassidy’s face, sending him out to the floor. Cassidy is then thrown into the barricade. Dark Order mock Best Friends’ hug. Cassidy up to the top and splashes down on them. He throws Ten back in the ring, tries for a crossbody, caught in midair but he turns it into a tornado DDT. Cassidy with a kip-up, orange punch, beach break, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

– Backstage, MJF heads to Chris Jericho’s locker room with Wardlow. Jericho is a bit surprised MJF just walked in as he’s partying with the rest of Inner Circle. MJF has some gifts for Jericho and the rest of the group. MJF has Inner Circle jackets for each guy…except for Sammy. MJF asks Wardlow what’s the deal, he know he got one for Sammy. He apologizes to Sammy, Sammy wonders what he’s doing here. Jericho says he asked MJF a long time ago if he wanted to join the Inner Circle (MJF previously noted he’s looking to join a stable in AEW). MJF laughs and says he asks Jericho a long time ago if Jericho wants him to the group. They bicker a bit on this point. Hager and Wardlow each step up alongside their guy. Jericho says everything is cool. MJF says it’s amazing Jericho has been in wrestling for 30 years, it’s been a legendary run. The two leave the room. Sammy goes to say “What a loser!” Jericho stops him and says “perhaps, he’s not.”

Britt Baker (with Reba) vs. Red Velvet

Both wrestlers trade wristlocks as things get started. Baker looks for a quick pin, only get one. Baker with a barbed wire submission, rolls her over, pin, one-count. Baker continues to keep her opponent grounded. Baker looks for a clothesline, Velvet hits a leg lariat, lands a bulldog, cover, two. Baker with a hammerlock into a big lariat. She poses and smiles for the camera for a moment. Baker with a bunch of shots to the face, double underhook suplex, kicks Velvet into the second rope, then down to the bottom rope.

Velvete tries to fight back, eats some forearms, Baker with a slingblade, but Velvet hits a roll-up for two. Baker lands a big superkick, swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker, big stomp down to the mat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Britt Baker via Pinfall

– Post-match, Baker puts her opponent in the lockjaw to rub salt in the wounds. She and Reba taunt some more

– Next week:

* Chris Jericho’s 30 year celebration
* Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs. Chaos Project
* Brian Cage (c) with Taz vs. Will Hobbs (FTW Championship)
* Brodie Lee (c) vs. Cody (Dog Collar Match for the AEW TNT Championship)

– Eddie Kingston comes out to the ring with a referee, Penta El Zero M, and Rey Fenix. Kingston talked about last week’s title match that he was put in a bulldog choke, but didn’t tap out (he passed out). Kingston says Moxley was so bothered by the ending of the match, he wanted to fight anyone. Kingston says he doesn’t feel up to a rematch, so he’ll be picking Moxley’s opponent. He then asks Bryce what gave him the balls to call the match like that last week. Bryce says he was unresponsive, what else was he going to do? It looks like the group is going to beat up the referee, but Moxley comes out through the stands with his title and a barbed wire bat. He gets in the ring and clears everyone out. Kingston then says Moxley isn’t fighting Fenix or Penta. He’s fighting The Butcher! Butcher sneaks in from behind, Moxley turns around and takes a big lariat.

Jon Moxley (c) vs. The Butcher (AEW World Championship)

Moxley looks for a running knee, nope, he gets planted hard to the mat. Butcher with a bunch of big chops to the chest, Moxley fights back with some forearms, takes another lariat, then a knee drop. Butcher taking control of the match, works over the champion’s leg to slow him down. Moxley with a neckbreaker, kick to the chest, cover, then goes for the cross armbreaker. Moxley really selling the leg injury now.

Butcher able to reverse into a single leg boston crab, then turns around and throws some shots to Moxley’s face. Butcher looks for a powerslam, gets thrown into the corner, tries for paradigm shift, but no luck. Butcher continues to work over the knee, stretch muffler for a moment. The two battle out to the floor, Butcher runs at Moxley, who sidesteps him and Butcher goes flying into the barricade. Kingston checks on his guy for a moment before he heads back in. Both go shot for shot in the middle of the ring. Moxley tries to run, but his knee is really giving him trouble.

Butcher with a running crossbody, cover, two-count. Moxley tries for a german suplex, no luck, Butcher with a pumphandle slam, cover, two. Leg drop, another pin, two-count. Butcher up to the second rope, Moxley stops him, goes up, superplex hits on the challenger! Moxley tried for a cross armbreak, but Butcher counters into a single leg submission. He gets sent into the turnbuckle, Moxley with a piledriver, cover, two-count. Moxley looking for another superplex, nope, Butcher with a diving crossbody, cover, two. Moxley with a DDT and goes right into the bulldog choke, Butcher taps out.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Submission

– Post-match, Moxley celebrates a bit as Kingston storms around ringside and heads to the back as the show comes to a close.