It’s been four years since AJ Styles debuted as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble and Styles recently went live on his Twitch stream and answered a question about how he felt about the botched camera angle during his entrance. The camera angle was focused on Roman Reigns, who was looking surprised to see who was coming out and Styles mentioned that he actually loves it because it adds a little extra element of surprise instead of the instant gratification of seeing who it was.

“You know, it actually didn’t bother me at all,” Styles said. “I actually think it was pretty cool. You see those extra few seconds of Roman looking shocked or surprised or whatever instead of immediately showing who it is. I thought it was awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

He was asked a little bit later about what it was like working with Brock Lesnar and he mentioned he was really proud of that match and loved working alongside Lesnar to put the match together.

“Putting together that match was a lot of fun,” Styles said. “I thought it came together really well and I’m really proud of that match. It was a true David vs. Goliath thing with him beating the crap out of me at the beginning and making people think, ‘Oh, AJ’s got no chance’ and then all of a sudden it was, ‘Oh my God – maybe he does have a chance’.

“That was a really cool and fun match. Brock’s so great, too. I loved working with him.”

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