The storyline between Alexa Bliss and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt continued during this week’s Clash of Champions go-home edition of WWE SmackDown on FOX.

This week’s show saw Bliss defeat Lacey Evans in singles action. Evans requested the match after Bliss dropped her with Wyatt’s Sister Abigail move last week, right after Nikki Cross defeated Evans while Bliss was on commentary. The post-match angle saw Evans say “The Fiend” to send Bliss into an eerie trance. She then approached Evans, hit her with Sister Abigail, and made her exit, still in the trance.

The match on this week’s show saw Bliss take Evans down to the mat right before we heard Wyatt’s signature laugh echoing out around the Amway Center in Orlando. SmackDown then went to commercial as a surprised Bliss looked around. The match continued after the commercial until The Fiend’s red lights filled the arena while his menacing sounds played. The regular lights came back up but Bliss was now in her trance. She then snapped on Evans and beat her around until the referee called the match, announcing Evans as the winner by disqualification.

Bliss, with messed up hair and a crazy look in her eyes, continued the assault after the match and dropped Evans at ringside with another Sister Abigail move. Bliss then returned to the ring, still in her trance, and posed in the middle of the ring, staring straight ahead. The Fiend’s red lights returned and now we saw The Fiend appear on the big screen. He apparently made some sort of grunting noise while Bliss continued to stare straight ahead in the ring, facing the camera, not The Fiend. She did break a smile right before the red lighting and The Fiend disappeared. Bliss’ music then started up and she made her exit to the back, still somewhat stuck in the trance.

An interesting moment then came on the ramp as WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns made his way out with Paul Heyman for the show-closing in-ring segment. Bliss walked right past Reigns and then stopped behind him on the stage. Reigns posed for his entrance while Bliss was shown staring over her shoulder at him. You can see a screenshot of that staredown below.

There’s still no word yet on where WWE is going with the Wyatt – Bliss storyline, but this is something they’ve been building to for a few months now.

Stay tuned for updates on the new Bliss storyline. Above is video from tonight’s match and below are several photos & clips: