Arn Anderson recently went live on his YouTube channel to weigh in with his thoughts on the Sonya Deville stalker situation. Arn went on to say that as bad as he feels for what Deville is having to endure and go through, he feels like Deville very well might have hurt the guy that intruded into her home.

“I’m sure it happens multiple times every day, in every day life, with normal people that aren’t celebrities,” Arn stated. “It just doesn’t get the publicity. If I was the guy, I believe, that was going to stalk anybody, it certainly wouldn’t be in a building full of wrestlers. Had he have gotten in the building, with his intentions known, that would have been one a-s whooping he’d had to take. I guess him being shot should accent that a little.

“Even a little bit more of that, ‘Hey man, I’m not doing the right thing here. Maybe I should rethink this’. The thing with Sonya [Deville] and this guy, just from what I read, and zip ties and all these things that he had with him, he had evil intentions. But what I’ve seen of her, and just going by the picture –
which you can’t always go by a guy’s picture – but going by the guy’s picture, had he got in that house, he would have definitely got his a-s whipped by Sonya alone, so it might have been he might have lucked out on that deal.

“I’m sorry for all the mental anguish I’m sure she’s going through, because if you think about it, it doesn’t take much of a man to stick a knife in you, or to shoot you, or to come in your window and hit you in the head with a log,” Arn continued. “It doesn’t take a big, tough, rugged man. It just takes a coward, and for him to put that plan together like he did, he had evil intentions, and I’m just glad that it worked out. That alarm went off and everybody showed up, but I’m sure she’s having a hard time with it. I know I would be. You just feel invaded, and your whole world just feels like you’re not safe anymore, no matter where you are. So God bless her, and I hope the guy gets what he’s got coming.”

Arn switched things up and got on the topic of Vince McMahon. He was asked about Vince’s initial reaction to the real-life relationship between Lana and Rusev, and Arn revealed that he was actually furious.

“Oh yeah, it was pretty tense,” Arn revealed. “It was one of those things where they’re trying to pitch a storyline on TV but it gets exposed, and it’s just that. It’s hard for me to actually even have an opinion, because the minute I go old school and go, ‘they shouldn’t have done that’, then entire companies or groups of people are exposing the business on the other side of the tracks. So, I don’t know what to think to be honest with you.”

The ratings for WWE, particularly RAW, have been a topic of discussion for months now. Arn went on to say what Vince McMahon is like when things aren’t going well with finances or ratings.

“He comes in that door and sits down at the desk up front. He doesn’t say a word to anybody except, ‘Let’s go’. You know something’s not right. It usually involves finances or ratings.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.