Bray Wyatt is teasing a surprise for next Friday’s WWE SmackDown on FOX.

This week’s SmackDown featured a brief Firefly Fun House segment with Wyatt talking about how he, like everyone else, is a little sad about how “he” lost his “favorite toy” this past week, a reference to The Fiend dropping the WWE Universal Title to Roman Reigns at WWE Payback last Sunday. Wyatt added that he will have a surprise to cheer everyone up next week as he introduces a new friend in the Firefly Fun House.

There’s no word yet on if Wyatt will bring a familiar face into the Fun House next week, like Alexa Bliss or Sister Abigail, or if this will be a new character. There’s also some speculation on Wyatt introducing a new puppet to his Fun House family.

Stay tuned for updates on Wyatt’s surprise. Below is a GIF from this week’s segment: