CM Punk & Renee Young Joke About New WWE Edict, Punk On If Vince McMahon Owns His Name, Retribution

As noted earlier, exclusively here on WrestlingInc, WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon issued an edict this week that says talents have 30 days to quit using third parties platforms, such as Cameo or Twitch. You can click here and click here for full details on the story, including what Vince's letter said, the different backstage reactions, and more.


One of the hottest topics coming out of the report is how during a call with talent this week, WWE reportedly pointed to how the company owns the real names of talent, not just their character names. Former WWE Backstage co-hosts CM Punk and Renee Young took to Twitter after the news broke, and had their Twitter reactions go viral with wrestling fans.

Young, who parted ways with WWE last month, joked that now would probably be a good time to launch her own Cameo and Twitch accounts.

She wrote, "Sooooooo guess now would be a good time to launch my Twitch and Cameo??"

Punk responded with a joke about Renee creating her own account.

He wrote, "'Hi greg this is Ruhnay Yung and I heard it's your birthday! Well happy birthday from me and little Benjamin, we hope you get everything thing you want K BYYEEEEEEE'"


Renee responded with what appears to be an inside joke, on how she feels Vince could make bank.

She wrote, "[face with tears of joy emoji x 3] I'll get Blue a cameo. I feel like he could make bank"

A fan asked Punk if there's any chance he might get a Cameo account. Punk responded and jokes that Vince won't let anyone do anything, so maybe it's time for retribution... not RETRIBUTION.

He wrote, "Vince won't let anyone do stuff. Maybe it's time for.....retribution!"

Another fan joked for Punk to tell RETRIBUTION to bring back their chainsaw, or else.

"We are armed with cans of soup. I mean. THEY are," Punk joked.

Punk also responded to a fan who asked if Vince still owns the CM Punk name. He wrote, "He never did."

Punk later posted another message, which appears to be a message of optimism to everyone involved.

"Alright guys. Girls. Are they gonna fire Everyone? Just keep doing you. Don't Worry. [wink emoji]," he wrote.

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