This week’s WWE RAW episode on the USA Network featured Week 7 of the RAW Underground “worked shoot-style” fighting concept, hosted by Shane McMahon.

RAW Underground was also featured on the main show this week as Kevin Owens hosted McMahon, SmackDown Superstar Braun Strowman and Dabba-Kato on The KO Show, to promote the Strowman vs. Kato RAW Underground main event. Owens ended up threatening Kato and slapping him across the face as a taste of what’s to come. Shane calmed Kato down, saving Owens from an attack, but that’s when Owens introduced Braun as his next guest. They faced off in the ring when Owens was attacked by Aleister Black from the floor. One interesting note from this segment was a new theme song that Kato came out to.

The first main RAW Underground segment on this week’s show saw Dolph Ziggler defeat Arturo Ruas. This is where WWE NXT Superstar Briana Brandy was introduced as Shane’s new co-host. Shane tried to interview Strowman to promote the main event, but Strowman just yelled at him until Brandy took the mic and got a few comments from him. Brandy was shown with Shane during more of the RAW Underground segments this week, sporting a new white hairstyle.

The second RAW Underground fight saw Riddick Moss defeat Erik of The Viking Raiders. Brandy got a quick interview from Dabba-Kato, which received a good amount of positive feedback on social media as many fans felt like Kato came off good on the mic in this segment. The RAW Underground main event segment saw Strowman defeat Kato by knocking him out and staying on top of him until the referee called the fight. This week’s RAW Underground fights ended with Strowman posing over Kati while Shane hyped next week’s show. This was Dabba-Kato’s first loss in RAW Underground.

There were no fights announced for next week’s RAW Underground segments, and there were no female fight segments on this week’s show.

Stay tuned for more on RAW Underground. Below are several tweets and YouTube clips from this week’s segments: