Dominik Mysterio On Why Being Left-Handed Allows Him To Hit Double 619 With His Father

At last year's Survivor Series, Brock Lesnar was on the receiving end of the first-ever Double 619 from Rey and Domink Mysterio. It was the first sign of Dominik being groomed to become a WWE superstar and nearly a year later, the 23-year-old prodigy is a full-time performer on Monday Night Raw.

In a recent interview with Alicia Atout, Dominik explained the advantages of being a southpaw, especially with regard to hitting the double 619 alongside his father.

"The move has been in the making for years, but it is funny because it fits perfectly with me being left-handed. That allows me to come around from the other side while he [Rey] does it from the right hand side. So, the way that worked out for us was just perfect," said Dominik.

A few weeks before his debut match at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins, Dominik was brutalized by The Monday Night Messiah and Murphy, who struck the rookie with a barrage of kendo stick shots. Dominik even revealed the welts on his body in a social media post.

When asked if he had a high tolerance for pain, Dominik stressed that taking those kendo stick shots was "definitely not fun" and a truly painful experience.

"Its funny because now, I do have [a high tolerance for pain]. At the time, my adrenaline was carrying me through, helping me bear that pain. I just had to stick with it.

"There were a certain amount of hits I was supposed to take. However, I didn't count, and was just in the moment. But, it was definitely not fun. I wouldn't be angry if I don't see any kendo sticks for a while," added Domink, the son of wrestling legend Rey Mysterio.

At SummerSlam, Dominik put forward an impressive performance in his debut outing, earning the praise of both fans and former wrestlers. When asked how much pressure he felt going into his debut match, Dominik said he was determined to not let his family down.

"I just knew I couldn't screw it up. It was a big night for my family, and I just could not let then down. In the end, I was happy to be able to execute the task at hand.

"Now, it is crazy to think that after debuting with my dad being my side, I actually shared the ring with him the very next night, in a tag team match on Raw. Everything is happening so fast, and I'm truly blessed," said Dominik.

Dominik also explained why being around the wrestling business his entire life has allowed him to learn the ropes as quickly as he has.

"This might sound weird but when I do stuff in the ring, I can picture it in my head and body goes along with it. Since I've been watching wrestling for so long, if someone asks me to do something, I let my instincts take over, my mind will play it for me, and my body follows along."

Earlier this week on Raw, the entire Mysterio family–Rey, Aalyah, Angie, and Dominik–closed out the show after Dominik defeated Murphy in a street fight.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Alicia Atout with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.