WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has responded to a new video from pro boxer Tyson Fury, calling on Triple H to “have a word” with Fury, who he called a fraud.

After their recent social media back & forth, Fury released another video threat on Tuesday and told McIntyre to quit making excuses. Fury called McIntyre a “chump” and said he will shatter McIntyre’s jaw into a million pieces, worse than what Randy Orton did with his punt kicks. Fury continued taunting McIntyre, calling him a “big s–thouse” and said he’ll face Drew before or after his next Deontay Wilder fight, or before the Anthony Joshua fight, which has been rumored for December.

“Get your people to contact mine at MTK Global. You know where to find me, chump,” Fury said to end the video.

McIntyre responded with a tweet today and called on Triple H to have a word with Fury, who defeated Braun Strowman via count out at WWE Crown Jewel last year.

“Every time I thought this video was about to end you carried on [sleeping face emoji] The only thing your doing with that fist is tickling my chin you big feather duster. I’m going to kick that shiny bald head off that dad bod of yours. @tripleh do us all a favor & have a word with this fraud,” Drew wrote.

Drew then posted a follow-up to that tweet and noted that before dealing with Fury, he has some business to tend to on RAW, likely a reference to Orton.

He wrote, “Unlike you Tyson, I don’t duck a challenge. I’m a fighting Champion. Before I get to you I have some very personal business to handle on #WWERAW”

McIntyre is currently on the shelf with a storyline jaw fracture, but he’s scheduled to defend against Orton at the WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view on September 27. There’s been some speculation on WWE possibly doing Fury vs. McIntyre when they’re able to return to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but that has not been confirmed.

It’s interesting to note that WWE has been covering the Fury vs. McIntyre social media feud on their website, and their own social accounts. The back & forth between McIntyre and Fury has been going on for a few months now.

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