Gerald Brisco Fuels Speculation On Possibly Working With AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco is once again teasing a "big announcement" for this Wednesday, and this teaser has fans speculating on Brisco possibly working for AEW.

The Brisco/AEW speculation began last Friday when Brisco responded to an official AEW tweet on last week's Parking Lot Fight on Dynamite. He made another tweet this week to tease an announcement for Wednesday, and wrote that he "truly Khan't wait" to tell fans his big news. It's believed that Brisco wrote "can't" as "Khan't" to make a reference to AEW President & CEO Tony Khan. Brisco joked that last week's video abruptly ended due to technical difficulties.

"Oh gosh! We had some technical difficulties! I truly Khan't wait to tell you my big news! Stay tuned WEDNESDAY NIGHT for my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! What do you think it's gonna be? [face with hand over mouth emoji] [man shrugging emoji] #BriscosBigAnnouncement," Brisco wrote on Monday.

You can click here to see how Brisco trolled fans with an announcement reveal last Wednesday night.

Brisco was released from WWE earlier this month after being furloughed back in April as a part of the COVID-19 budget cuts. He was originally hired back in 1984 and ended up spending 36 years with the company, working to scout new talents in recent years. There is no word yet on what he has planned for the future, but last week's troll announcement included news on a possible talent agency project.

Stay tuned for post-WWE updates on Brisco. Below are his related tweets: