Ivar Reportedly Set For Neck Surgery Tomorrow

WWE RAW Superstar Ivar is set to undergo surgery tomorrow.

There was some speculation on if Ivar would need surgery after suffering the neck injury during last week's eight-man tag team match against The Hurt Business on RAW, but now Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live reports that he will be undergoing neck surgery in Birmingham, Alabama tomorrow.

WWE announced last week that Ivar suffered a cervical injury on the suicide dive, but that he was expected to make a full recovery. It was later reported by Wrestling Observer Radio that Ivar was dealing with a significant injury, and may need surgery. As we've noted, Ivar hit the dive on other Superstars but immediately threw up the dreaded "X" symbol to call for help. There was some talk at RAW that Ivar suffered a stinger, but the later report from Wrestling Observer Radio mentioned that this was more significant than a stinger, and likely not something that he will just return from in a few weeks. Now surgery confirms that he will need some time away from the ring.

It's also been reported that Ivar has been dealing with some neck issues for a while now. This latest serious injury has added to those issues.

There is still no word on how long Ivar will be out of action, but WWE should have a better idea after tomorrow's operation. There's also no word on what WWE will do with Erik, but it's possible that he will continue to be used for RAW Underground segments.

Stay tuned for updates on Ivar's status. You can see the related tweets from last week below: