Jeff Hardy On What Kind Of Work He's Interested In Doing For WWE After Retirement, His Daughters

WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy has no interest in training up & coming wrestlers once he retires from in-ring action, unless they're his own daughters.

As seen in the video below, Hardy spoke with BT Sport this week and said he would like to work behind-the-scenes in WWE creative, but he also wants his music career to continue after he hangs up his pro wrestling boots.

"Ultimately I'd love to be involved in music as I age," Hardy said. "But I think I'll secretly be involved in wrestling for the remainder of my life. You know, like creatively, whether it's behind-the-scenes as like a writer, or just an idea pitch guy, or whatever."

Hardy added that he doesn't see himself training unless he's guiding his daughters, ages 9 and 4, to be The Hardy Girls.

"I don't see myself training people really, unless it's my daughters. If my daughters want to wrestle, if they want to be The Hardy Girls, I'm going to be the trainer," he laughed. "And there's a women's championship, the tag team women's championship now. I remember saying years ago, 'Wow, that'd be cool if they had some women's tag team titles.'

"And now here we are. So, it's pretty cool."

Hardy just signed a new two-year contract with WWE. He is currently feuding with AJ Styles and Sami Zayn on the SmackDown brand.