Jeff Hardy Wants To Introduce "Willow" To WWE

Jeff Hardy recently spoke with BT Sport and mentioned that before he retires, he wants to introduce his "Willow" character to the WWE Universe.

Hardy first introduced the interesting character during his time in TNA and it was very well accepted. However, both times TNA tried to bring the character back, Hardy didn't stay around long enough to get much out of it.

"Years ago, I used to be Jeff Hardy and then I'd be this guy called Willow," Hardy said. "Willow was kind of my go-to wrestling persona. That's another dream of mine before I'm done. I want to bring Willow into the WWE Universe and see what could happen.

"I just have a strange feeling that something crazy cool could happen between Willow and The Fiend."

Hardy is scheduled to defend his Intercontinental Championship against AJ Styles on tonight's SmackDown. You can join our live SmackDown coverage here.

Below are Hardy's comments to BT Sport:

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