This week’s live WWE RAW episode featured Week 5 of the RAW Underground “worked shoot-style” fighting concept, hosted by Shane McMahon.

This week’s opening RAW Underground segment featured Titus O’Neil making his debut with an enhancement talent. Titus easily picked up that win and then manhandled another enhancement talent. Shane called on another challenger to step up and face Titus, and that’s when Riddick Moss hit the platform. Titus and Moss went at it until Moss got the win.

The second RAW Underground segment saw MMA Horsewoman Jessamyn Duke work her debut fight. Duke, who is a member of the WWE NXT roster, easily defeated an enhancement talent. Another enhancement talent jumped on the platform to stop Duke but fellow-Horsewoman Marina Shafir cut her off. Shafir, in her second RAW Underground fight, made that woman submit. The IIconics then appeared, not long after they were forced to disband due to losing a #1 contender’s match to Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott. Peyton Royce rolled Billie Kay into the ring but Kay hesitated, and was then beat up by Duke and Shafir. Royce cringed at ringside while standing with Shane.

The main event of this week’s RAW Underground fights was set Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin. They went at it until Benjamin shoved Crews off the platform to the floor. The Hurt Business (MVP and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley) then joined Benjamin, and they went at it with Crews, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. The Hurt Business ended up dominating and standing tall to end the segment.

Regarding this week’s enhancement talents, Titus defeated indie wrestler Kekoa in his second fight. The man who Titus put hands on during the fight with Moss was Alex Paz. The woman who fought Duke was indie wrestler Avery Taylor, who was named on a graphic. Indie wrestling veteran Jayme Jameson was the woman who tapped out to Shafir.

Stay tuned for the latest on RAW Underground. Below are videos from Week 5: