During the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross covered Unforgiven 2000. On that show, Triple H defeated Kurt Angle, the main event featured a Fatal Four-Way for the WWF Championship, and fans saw Stone Cold Steve Austin return after a ten-month absence. Ross also talked about Jeff Jarrett leaving the company for WCW during that time.

Jarrett was upset with his pay and thought he deserved more television time. Ross said Jarrett had a better chance of being successful in WCW than he ever would have in WWF.

“I think Jeff had his mind made up with [Vince] Russo going to WCW and being in charge of creative,” Ross said. “He had a better chance of being used higher up in the card. He thought he was a better worker than he was being paid for. Wrestlers sometimes make excuses; they can’t take responsibility more often than not. They don’t want to look in the mirror.”

Ross also said he found Jarrett comparing himself to a certain top star in the company ridiculous. He mentioned how The Rock is the only person who can compare themselves to Stone Cold’s level.

“For Jeff Jarrett to compare himself to be on the same level of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is somewhat ludicrous in my opinion,” Ross said. “Obviously Jeff, in his own defense, thought he was a top guy as well. He wasn’t at Stone Cold’s level. Only [one] guy was on Stone Cold’s level, The Rock. For [Jeff Jarrett] to compare himself to Austin was a little bit of a stretch.”

Ross went on to say that The Rocks push was heavily influenced by the injury to Stone Cold. He gave his opinion on why that happened so fast and quick when Austin went down.

“Would he have gotten over with a more clear path with Austin gone? Absolutely. The focus then comes on The Rock — it’s not split. You got the singular focus on this great young star that’s going to end up becoming one of the greatest attractions, not just inside but outside of the ring. When Austin went down, it was next man up.”

Ross also continued to mention how stacked the card for Unforgiven 2000 was. He then discussed what he looks for when signing talent.

“When I signed talents and recruited talents, ideally you want to find someone that in your own judgement could be a main event at WrestleMania,” Ross said. “If you look at all those guys on this card, look how many guys headlined WrestleManias.”

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