AEW World Champion made an appearance on the Busted Open podcast ahead of his upcoming title match against MJF at All Out this Saturday. During the episode, Moxley revealed a moment where he realized he was a wrestling fan for life.

“My first ever tape I owned, I got from a Blockbuster, SummerSlam 1990, and The Hart Foundation wrestled Demolition, 2 out of 3 Falls. And they split a fall and the did the switcharoo with the third Demolition and got in the ring and The Road Warriors came down and did the slingshot finish as the 1-2-3 crowd went freaking bananas,” Moxley explained. “Great long tag match.

“The Hart Foundation celebrating, sweating, hugging, and I watched that match probably like a million times. I remember word for word and promos before it aired. The whole story, I have it ingrained in my head and then, 20 something years later, I actually won the tag titles at SummerSlam [2017]. So, that was kind of a cool, for your little kid self.”

Moxley also discussed his wife Renee Young’s departure from WWE. He was open about her future saying that she is currently relaxing and enjoying her time off before she makes her next big move. He also reminisced about meeting Young for the first time in WWE and how long their relationship has lasted.

“Anything could happen really,” Moxley noted. “Yeah, I was pretty excited for her, and she’s kind of decompressing right now. She just came out with me because she just came out to Jacksonville. It’s really easier with the PPV and stuff. It’s easier than going back and forth, back and forth for a couple of weeks with the PPV. So, I just rocked my whole situation down here, brought the dogs and everything.

“Got a whole spot here by the beach, so, she’s just chilling on a beach, reading a book, relaxing right now. So, going to be good for her. Kind of have space and figure out where she wants to go next. I was pretty excited for her, just because…it’s funny because time flies by so fast in WWE, and I don’t know if it’s because the schedule or just because you’re nonstop going, It feels like just yesterday, that we just met and now, she’s been there for eight years and time flies. It’s time to do something new.”

Moxley has previously said that he would let Young tell her story in regards to her future. He reiterated that same point on Busted Open noting that while she does have a strong connection to wrestling, she also has a lot of other interests and opportunities coming to her.

“I assume that… I rather let her tell you her story,” Moxley said. “I expect her to part in her own ways because she has a strong wrestling-related fanbase and she has such a strong connection to wrestling. I expect her to probably have some kind of split dinted in the water [with] wrestling if that makes sense. She has so many other things that she’s good at and into, as far as NHL, cooking, and all of that stuff. So, I actually expect her to probably end up–to be honest with you, she’s got her Asian gong.

“Her phone was nonstop ringing. She’s already got people willing to give her keys to the castle, but I don’t even know if she’s been doing any of that or if she’s just been doing her own thing and create her own thing. I don’t care what she wants to do. She can go back to school and be a veterinarian for all I care, as long as she’s happy. So, I’m pretty excited for her.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.