Kevin Nash Responds To The Rock, Confirms His Recovery From COVID-19

WWE Hall-of-Famer Kevin Nash has confirmed that he and his family recently recovered from COVID-19. Nash revealed the news through his Twitter account while responding to The Rock, who stated through a 11-minute Instagram video yesterday that he and his immediate family are currently recovering from COVID-19.


Nash went onto thank Rock for "making people realize" that COVID-19 is real, while detailing his experience with the virus.

"Welcome to the team. Very sorry you're family is infected. I was tired for a while didn't train for the 4th day. My wife still hasn't got smell or tastes back. Son was asymptomatic. Pray you heal up quickly. Thank you for making people realize it's real," he wrote.

The Rock promptly responded to Nash, stating that he hasn't got his tastes back either.

"Sorry to hear that brother. Not a team we want to be on for sure. You guys stay strong too (still haven't got my tastes back either)."

In his Instagram video, Rock revealed that he and his family contracted the virus from close family friends that they "love and trust." Rock, who has been in home quarantine for several months, encouraged people to wear masks, work on their immune systems, and commit to wellness.


See below for Nash and The Rock's exchange: